April 16, 2015

Prestyn's 2nd Birthday

Well...this took place almost a month ago, and since then things have not settled down! 

With Prestyn's birthday on the 21st of March and Pierce's on the 27th I decided to have her party a week early. Which was the Saturday after Spring Break. 

I had everything planned and ready to go! Then...Prestyn got sick. First she got pink eye. Then a viral infection with high fever that would not stay down! The night before her party we made the call to cancel the party since her temperature was 103! 

I think we went to the doctor 2 or 3 times this week, and with our wonderful insurance (sarcasm) and medicines it was all very costly! Thankfully there were some things for the party I had not paid for yet so seeing the silver lining we saved a lot of money that went to medical expenses. Ha. 

Another silver lining...she was sick over spring break so I didn't have to take off work. We had 1 good day of clear eyes and no fever so we went to the park! We all had fun but that was about all we got to do this spring break. 

Ryan had to work on Prestyn's real birthday. She was feeling well so we took a trip to her favorite store...popcorn target!! And she got her favorite lunch...chick fil a! 

Thankfully this is an age where she didn't really know much difference. I still felt bad though. More silver lining...seems like every time we saw somebody after her birthday she got a present which she loved! 

At her 2 year well visit she got shots and didn't even cry! She was ready for the sucker at the end! I don't remember her stars exactly but I do know she shot up in height. She's in the 50sth percentile for weight and height and that big ol noggin is still in the 80sth percentile. No wonder she's so smart! 

She's doing fabulously developmentally! Her pedi asked if she knew 30 words. Oh yeah! And if she puts words together to make sentences! Oh yes! This girl is my little smarty pants! 

The 2s aren't so bad. We have some meltdowns and whining but we're usually able to talk her or have her talk through it. 

It's really a fun age!! I enjoy playing with her and watching her play with friends. She grew up fast as a 2 year old since 6 days later she became a big sister! 

We are so so so proud of our sweet P and can't wait to see her continue to grow!! 

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