April 29, 2015

Pierce's Birth Story

When I found out my due date was March 27th (a Friday) I knew I wanted my c section scheduled for then. Prestyn's birth ended up being a c section, and even though my doctor supports a vbac we decided I would have a repeat c section.

Elective c sections are usually done at 39 weeks so you don't go into labor before but I really feel like much of Prestyn's development is due to the fact that she was born at 41 weeks. I certainly didn't want to go that long again but I wanted to go up to the due date. Which worked out since it was a Friday! 

I worked up until 2 days before giving birth. I thought because it was planned that he'd decide to come early but no way! He knew momma had it all planned out! 

The day before Pierce's birthday we made sure we had everything ready. I got a manicure and pedicure and lots of rest! Gammies and Paw Paw came over to keep Prestyn here in our home. I cried. It was hard leaving my baby knowing the next time I saw her I'd have a new baby!!

Ryan and I decided to stay at the hotel at the hospital the night before since we had to check in for surgery at 5:30 am! Once we got checked in we enjoyed a nice big dinner at Chuy's! 

We didn't get much sleep that night I don't know if it was nerves or excitement or the fact that we weren't in our own bed. 😊 morning could not come soon enough! We got up and ready around 4!

Checking into the hospital this time was no different than last time. I knew we'd be leaving with a baby. Our room however was much different. This room was not set up for a vaginal delivery nor was there room for many people. This room was for prepping patients for surgery!  

This time was quite different than last time. The nurse came in and began prepping me for surgery. I was really nervous. I was comforted to have a nurse I had last time and the CRNA I had last time! 

I had been sick with head congestion and still wasn't feeling well this morning. Even though I was on antibiotics it didn't fix it! The CRNA gave me some sort of saline concoction that cleared me right up! 

I was sure to tell everybody how nervous I was so they'd take good care of me. They do that anyway there but I needed them to know! The anesthesiologist did a fabulous job! I hardly felt a thing and the epidural was given evenly. 

I was also sure to tell them how sick I got last time to hopefully prevent getting sick this time. They gave me a couple shots of the anti nausea medicine and I was good to go! 

I was comforted to see my doctor once we got to the operating room. Still nervous though but everybody did such a good job of calming my nerves. 

Before they began surgery they were cleaning me up and I couldn't feel it but I could see it! Up in the light above me I could see my belly which totally freaked me out that I'd be able to see the surfer but they moved the light and put the curtain up so it was ok. 

That same CRNA sat by my head and told me everything that I would feel and what was happening. You don't actually feel cutting but you do feel tugging.

There was a part during the surgery that I looked up and could see myself cut open in the light. I quickly told them and they quickly turned the light! 

At 7:48 am I heard the most glorious sound. Pierce's cry! A rush of emotions came over me and I bawled! I couldn't believe our little boy was here!! And he was perfect!! Ryan gave me a kiss then went to check on him. 

As soon as the doctors pulled him out they said "he's a chunk!" And "look at all that hair!" Chunk was right! He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz! And he was 20 inches long. And yes he did have a full head of dark hair!!

I got to hold him and love on him there in the operating room. Once they finished putting me all back together and sewing me up (which felt like FOREVER!) we went back to the room we started in for recovery. 

We were in recovery for 2 hours. I got to oooo and aaaaa and love all over my little boy. We got some good skin to skin time and began trying to breastfeed. Which is a whole other story I already blogged about. Still that time together was precious. I didn't get that with Prestyn so this was new and truly special. 

I am so in love with this little boy.


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