January 27, 2011

Stuck between a Rock & a City

Rockwall & Royse City that is...

Today we went to get a second look at the house in Fate that we cannot stop talking about! After today we're not as sold on it as we were before...this home is a foreclosure so questions we have about the flooring can only be answered by the previous owners or bank. We're hoping the bank that now owns it will be able to help us out with giving us more information on the stained concrete...

This Fate house is on the "Rockwall" side of the subdivision which means our children would go to a Rockwall ISD school. Which they can do regardless since I work in a Rockwall ISD school, but I really want them to go to school with the same children from their neighborhood.

We're stuck on this one, and keep going back & forth on what the bank responds with. If they can give us what we want then the home would be perfect AND affordable BUT...

There's the house on the "Royse City" side of the same subdivision. We absolutely love this house too. A plus is it's even more affordable than the other which will allow us to live more of the lifestyle we live now...going everywhere, seeing everybody, and doing everything! We love it!! This home is a smaller home, and our children won't be able to go to school with the neighborhood kids. I guess we could look at it as them having 2 sets of friends!

We really do keep going back & forth on which one we want...and which one we may want to put an offer on. We keep looking at others, but continue to think about these 2. Today I got to the "I don't care, I just want to have a home with you" phase. It's time to turn it over to God. I was hoping the decision would be easier, and I would just be able to accept that something didn't work out.

So many different things keep ringing in my head. "The perfect house" "Our dream house" "Great starter home" "Just the 2 of us" "Get exactly what we want" I just feel deflated & sick by the big grown up decision this is! Why isn't it easier? I want to go back to that pink & white bedroom where I only played house and school...where I was paid with Monopoly money & wrote "checks" for things like a new corvette or clothes for my dolls.

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