October 2, 2013

Letters to Prestyn Part V

Dear Prestyn, 

I have a few requests: 

1. I am so thankful for your mobility now. But if you could sit still for a diaper change that'd be awesome! I don't even mind if you wiggle while I dress you but it's very hard to get a diaper on you the right way when you're trying to crawl off the changing table. I know you think it's quite funny. Then I laugh because I love your laugh, but seriously girl...

2. I love snuggling with you at 7, 10, midnight, and 4 am, but...Could you please go back to only waking up once during the night? Then maybe eventually drop that one time and sleep through the night? As you've experienced on the handful of times you have slept through the night sleep is a glorious thing! You might even like Mommy more if she's more rested. Thank you sweet girl. 

3. I love your 2 bottom teeth. They're so cute when you smile and laugh. And it's great now that you're using them to bite mum mums and puffs...but please don't use those 2 teeth to bite Mommy when you're nursing. It hurts very bad. When you have a baby one day you'll understand...I love you! 

Thank you for reading and following through with my requests. Oh and a blog isn't complete without never before seen photos of you! 

Cheers! Xoxo! 

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