October 18, 2013

The Perfect Day!!

Oh happy day!! Today was a wonderful day! Yes...most of our days do technically start at midnight since P usually wakes then to eat. 

But this oh happy day...I woke at 3 AM to a sound asleep baby who had not woken up yet! I had to go check on her to make sure she was ok! She was...and alwpt until 5! Which is awesome! From 8 PM - 5 AM...little miss slept through the night!! Monumental day as her daddy would say. 

It could be because she's pretty much choosing not to nap much during the day, but I'll take it!! The night before she only woke up once so fingers crossed, and prayers being said that we're onto a new good trend!! 

So I woke up to a happy rested baby who woke up to a happy rested mommy! The morning at school was wonderful! The afternoon was crazy, busy with our weekly Science Lab trip and Popcorn Party that we won. It was a fun day!!! We even danced to Just Dance videos! Without going through too many days it was a wonderful day and lots was accomplished!!

When we got home P was quite sleepy from not napping hardly at all today so she nursed, and we both took a little cat nap. 

Our evening was complete with a family trip to Chiloso! P was so well behaved, and had so much fun!! She had so much fun in fact that she was so sad when we left that she SCREAMED the whole way home. 

PJs and bottles and we're hoping for another STTN! Tomorrow is a big day with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Nonna! 

And what blog is complete without never before seen pictures?!

Oh and how could I forget?!?! P says mama!! She's been saying baba, but I could've sworn I've been hearing mama. I thought maybe it was just wishful ears. But her sitter mentioned that she's been saying mama! Music to my ears!! 

I'll give a prize to whomever can tell how many !! I used!! Seriously...wonderful end to my week! 

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