November 2, 2013

Prestyn's 7th Month

I cannot believe you're already 7 months old! It's true what they say...they grow up so fast! And...time flies when you're having fun!

This was somewhat of a difficult month as far as sleep is concerned. You were waking to nurse what felt like all night long! Thankfully you have gotten to sleeping thought the night/just waking 1 time!!

You are getting 2-4 oz of formula before bed which I think is helping you sleep. I literally felt sick to my stomach the first night we gave it to you, but I knew that part of your health is a happy/healthy momma which means momma needs rest! So we resorted to the formula before bed, but you still get breastmilk the rest of the time!

You have solid purees for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Breakfast is fruit mixed with oatmeal cereal. Lunch is a veggie & fruit. Snack is puffs and/or mum-mums and breastmilk in a sippy cup! You love the independence you get at snack time since you can feed yourself and give yourself your milk. Your don't take all the milk in the sippy, but we're getting there! You LOVE all flavors of puffs! A lot of them end up on the floor, but you still love being able to feed yourself! ...this is why we need a puppy! ;) Dinner is veggies and fruit, but not as much at lunch...

I love waking up to you in the morning. You sit up in your crib, and peek over the bumper, or stand up on the edge to look out. It's so fun to walk in, and see your smiling face. Some mornings I have to wake you, and you are too happy with me, but we get you dressed & get to play a little before I take you to Ms. Amber's house.

Have I told you how incredibly blessed we are to have Ms. Amber to keep you during the day?! Of course Mommy & Daddy would LOVE for you to be able to stay home with me, but since you can't we are very happy that you get to go to Ms. Amber's! You did your 1st art project with her! So cute!!

You said your 1st word on your 7 month birthday! You've been saying ba-ba-ba-ba-ba and ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, but on the evening of your 7 month birthday Daddy & I were putting your pjs on you after your bath, and you looked at me & said ma-ma! It was the sweetest sound! I am so glad Daddy was there to confirm that that counts as your 1st word, and you did in fact say it!

Then the next day when I went to pick you up at Ms. Amber's you reached for me, and said ma-ma! Now you say ma-ma all the time! Haha! I love it, but I know Daddy is ready for you to say da-da! :)

Back to what you've definitely gotten picky! You've decided what you like so if we try to give you something you don't like you protest it. Or if you can't feed protest it! That's why we give you a sippy cup of water while you eat...You are happy when you can do something by yourself at meal time! You still like all the sweet fruits, but now that we're able to mix veggies I think you're liking some of them more?! ;) And you're picky about where you nurse! It's now typically only in your nursery in the rocker! If there's too much going on you don't want to nurse..I guess you're thinking you'll make up for it all night long! :)

So during your 6th month you were napping wonderfully for Ms. Amber, but not so well for us...then we started following the schedule Ms. Amber had you on & you nap wonderfully for us & not so well for Ms. Amber! ha!

You still love bath time! So much so that you SCREAM when we take you out of the bath...but raspberries on your belly & blowing in your face usually distracts you well enough!

You are such a mobile baby! Crawling all over the place! More of army crawling, but sometimes you crawl on your just realize it's quicker to army crawl. But you've even started pulling up on stuff to stand! Crazy!! We predict you'll be walking by Christmas, but if you wanted to wait a bit that'd be ok with me! :)

Daddy says we need to put you in a cage because you're moving everywhere...he has to chase you, but I know you'll just follow me wherever I go!


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