May 23, 2011

National Holiday

Us before dinner. :)
I'm wearing my birthday present from my MOH, Missy-Pooh
If you know me know what a big deal my birthday is! I usually celebrate the entire month of May! Getting older doesn't scare me...well especially now that I'm on my way to dreams coming true! I just love the joy of birthdays!

This My birthday (May 14th) morning was spent getting hair & make up done for bridal portraits! I felt so beautiful thankful to the hair stylist who has done my up-do's since middle school, and the make up artist who has shown me how to let true beauty shine! Mom and I met my MOH, Missy & photogapher at the Dallas Arboretum. We came prepared with a sheet to change in the parking lot, but thought we would TRY to change in a bathroom or something...NOPE! SHOT DOWN! So there I stood in the parking lot with a sheet to hide me while I got dressed in my bridal gown. Without giving away details of the gown...let's just was interesting to make that work!

Our photographer took us way back into a quiet part of the Arboretum where we got some of my favorite shots! I was nervous about not looking "natural" since I was just standing/sitting there by myself without Ryan to lean our engagement photo session. Thankfully I have an excellent photographer, hysterical MOH, and adoring mother who helped me feel at ease & enjoy the day!

Ryan knows how important my birthday is to me, and wasn't going to let it slide! When I got home after a long, exhausting, but incredibly enjoyable day he (and Ryder) had baked brownies for me with candles! I was quite impressed! We waited to have dessert after to dinner so we wouldn't spoil the exquisite dinner we were about to INHALE!

Ryan took me to Bin 303 which is an old house in Downtown Rockwall that was turned into a Texas Cuisine restaurant. We enjoyed an appetizer, red wine, and a delicious meal. Then of course...dessert was chocolate brownies!

When we got home I opened a package I got from BFF for my birthday! It was FULL of goodies! Gold glitter TOMS that I've been wanting, the Wizard of Oz Find It! game, Tervis Tumblers, and a homemade card TO:::BFF, SFAM, AUNT ANGELA:::FROM:::BFF, SFAM, MARK & DYLAN!! I took a picture of the fabulous-ness of it all, but haven't gotten it off Ryan's camera yet...(Next birthday wish list from Husband will be a camera!) Ryan got me the gorgeous bracelet I'll wear on our wedding day. A very special gift! I think the best gift for him is knowing I will be older than him for 17 more days...As I write this I'm only 8 days older than him!

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