May 3, 2011

A Long Weekend with Minimal Sleep

Our Weekend

Friday: Ryan worked hard waitin for fires to fight or patients to be treated. ;) I was a team member for Relay for Life. A group of us from school formed a team. The theme this year was Around the World. My team totally ran with this! Our first choice was Ireland because we wanted to be CLP Fightin' Cancer!! Since that was taken we were happy to be CLP Jamaican a Difference! We made an awesome banner of the Jamaican flag, had awesome t-shirts, and set up an awesome camp! 5 of us lasted until about 4 AM then 4 of us until about 5 AM then 3 of us until 6 AM. Cancer never sleeps so neither did we....

Saturday: Oh how I wish I would have slept...I came hom Saturday morning, showered, and slept for about an hour and a half. Ryan got home from work about 8 AM. We packed the truck, and were off to Austin. I was so tired I didn't even care about stopping in West for kolaches! We made it to the 5th Annual Backyard Boil at 2 PM. We were hungry for some crawfish, potatoes, and corn! The tail was a little spicy, but who doesn't like spicy tail?! We had a lot of fun with good friends...aside from the terrible Austin allergies! (or so I thought...)

Sunday: I woke up with a super sore throat...thinking it was a combination of allergies & no sleep...little did I know. I toughened it up, and made it to meet one of Ryan's childhood friends & his girlfriend. We met Grant & Melissa at their apartment then rode with them to a yummy restraunt on Lake Austin. It was nice to meet somebody I've heard so much about! Grant's in med school & Melissa is in grad school. I'm hoping we'll get to see them at the wedding! Boy was it a shock to drive from 90 degrees in Austin to 50 degrees in Rockwall. Since I was still feeling icky we thought it had something to do with the extreme change of temperature. After picking up our Puppy Child from Grandma & Papa Gary's (thank you!!) we were finally home to rest!

And now I have 2 days to rest since I went to the doctor yesterday & was told I have strep. :( I have the best fiance ever though! He knew I didn't feel well & hesitated to go to work yesterday, but since I was so sure I could go he went on...a couple hours later...he was home to take care of me. :) Waited on me hand & foot just like a good husband does! Through sickness & in health...

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