May 8, 2011

Couples Shower!!!

Last night (05/07) was our Couples Shower at Ryan's Nanny's house. Ryan's family's good friend, Mel, and his aunts, Aunt Gina, Aunt Janet, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Linda, and Aunt Denise were the hosts. They did a FABULOUS job!!!

The shower was outside on the deck that Paw-Paw built. Everything was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! They went with a FIESTA theme! There were beautiful centerpieces, lanterns hanging, and table cloths (duct tape included). ;) Despite the wind...good thing I brought a wardrobe change!

We started off the evening with some DELICIOUS food! I need ALL recipes please!! Mel had called Ryan and asked him a few questions. When we got to the shower she asked me the same questions. We were pleasantly surprised that we got MOST of them RIGHT! I believe there are some objections to Ryan's favorite toy as a child...Angel, his cousin/babysitter, says Ninja Turtles! Ryan answered GI Joes...I went with the practical answer of...A FIRE TRUCK! DUH!!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of gifts! The shower theme was things you would to host a party! My daddy wasn't aware of this, and started questioning our lifestyle as we opened up shakers, wine corkers, etc! Everything was beautiful & perfect! It was all JUST what we needed!! I'd love to post ALL the pictures of all the gifts, but going through 200 pictures to crop, edit, and post to the blog...well, that will just have to be a Facebook-er! We got the most precious, emotional gift from Ryan's Great Grandmother, Moos. Nanny fulfilled her request that it be given to us...we got her silver, a school house cookie jar, and a blanket she knitted!

We are soooo thankful to everybody who came to celebrate with us! I'd also love to post pictures of our guests, but again...Facebook-er! We had the best time! It's great to be surrounded by such loving family & friends!! Thank you for supporting us! Lot of love!! ~Ryan and Angela

Us with Amanda & in Outfit #1

Us with the hostessses (Me in outfit #2-Diva!)

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