May 25, 2011

Life Size House Wife

I was given a bridal shower on May 15th by The Thomases good friends Sherri and Sharon. This shower was held in Arlington so we invited friends and family who lived on that side of town. It was good to see everybody! Sherri and Sharon did a beautiful job at entertaining us all! We had great conversation & delicious desserts! Recipes must be shared!!

I was quite surprised to walk in, and see the Life Size House Wife! This is the one of the most creative wedding gifts I've seen at a shower! They blew a picture of me, and attached it to an iron board. A mop was used as my hair with pink tulle to make the veil. A house wife's look is not complete without kitchen & garden gadgets attached to her apron!

I'm thankful to be joining such a happy family with such kind friends. :)

Ryan's Mom, Me, and My Mom

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