April 27, 2011

Aaaaaand they're off!!!

Soooo the weekend we were moving into the house I stopped unpacking boxes, sat in between them, and emailed the owner of Sassyrae Expressions (lovely lady doing our wedding stationary). I told her I thought it was about time to order wedding invitations. She was impressed that I beat her to the punch! She said she was thinking of emailing me, but thought she'd wait another week since she knew we were moving into our house that weekend. She thought she needed to remind me that I was getting married soon!

I have to admit...when the house stuff got rolling I put wedding stuff to the side. Now that we're comfortable in our new home I'm ready to get back on with wedding planning. I mean it's all planned, but there are still little things here and there we need to do that I finally have found time to do! Soooo got the wedding invitations in the mail, LOVED THEM, and knew I had to get them sent out soon!!

My friend Krystal planned on coming over last night to bring us our shower gift, and some Scentsy stuff ::yum!:: I knew she would be THRILLED when I asked her to help address wedding invitations! And boy was she! haha! I'm so thankful she was here to get me through it though! We got them ALL addressed & stuffed in one night! I stopped by the post office today to get some more stamps and the invitations are off!

Such a relief!! Next step:: shower hostess gifts, thank you cards, ::breath::, centerpieces, more wedding party gifts, ::breath::, ceremony plan, ::breath::, ::breath::, ::breath::...I just keep remind myself---it's all for the marriage to the most perfect man for me!

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