April 17, 2011

Ketchup::Catch Up::Catsup

When I was in school I remember my teachers saying we were going to play "catch up" today. Which meant I got to draw and color so the kids who were always absent or never turned anything in could get work done. But I always thought they said Ketchup! For the longest time I thought Ketchup was a game teachers invented because I always got to play! I actually had a student ask me this year (1st grade) how we play Ketchup! Woopsie! Guilty!

So here we go...I haven't updated in a very long time which means a lot has been going on! There still is a lot going on, but with a motivating talk from Daddy and support from Ryan I am sitting here in front of Dancing with the Stars (GO KENDRA!!) updating our blog!

I'll start with VALENTINE'S DAY! Let's see what I remember...

Valentine's Day was on a Monday this year so most couples celebrated the weekend before. Including our friends, Kevin & Sarah...they went all out this year & got married! ;) Ryan and Davy were ushers in the Weatherford wedding while Jenn and I found trouble! We took a break from dancing to take this picture!

Good thing I take vitamins otherwise I probably wouldn't remember all this! On actual Valentine's Day (Monday) my sweet, sweet, sweet Fiance brought me lunch then graciously stayed to run the HEART (BINGO) station for my class party. Did I mention he is sweet?? And how I love this schedule?! The fact that he was able to do is but also willing!! We spent the evening with my family and a 6 year old named Jake AKA Nephew who was celebrating his 6th birthday at Kyoto on Valentine's Day! He's such a Romeo!

I have to say...it was a weekend of love! :)

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