April 17, 2011


Can you believe it?!?!?! We still hardly can! We discusse d dreams, and how we would love to own a home before getting married so it'd be a place to begin our family....it just all seemed so far away! We began looking into renting because we just knew we couldn't be home owners! Well thanks to Darla & Jeff Ryan (realtor & lender) it happened! And also a HUGE thanks to my brother & SIL for introducing us to J.R. & Darla! We didn't get an actual picture of the SOLD on the sign, but when Ryan's parents came in town for the Rehearsal Dinner rehearsal (YAY!) we took them by the house, and just eeeek with excitement when we saw this on the sign....

We spent some time with Amanda and Calen that evening...we were excited to share our excitement with them! They were just as excited, and while they waited on us to get to Arlington from Rockwall they bought us these as a house warming gift....

Aren't they sweet?! The one on the right is MUCH nicer than the one on the left, but we don't tell Ryan that since he nicely hung them on our back patio. The birds seem to favor the red & black one, but who am I to judge?!?! Ok so I may have to either switch the sides or put more food in the UT one before Ryan sees that the birds are drawn to the BURNT ORANGE...YUCK! Maybe an emptier bird feeder means an emptier team?!?! haha!

So...here we are...all moved in...we are very thankful to Ben who helped moved our stuff & take this sweet picture. :)  To say thanks we took him to a nice meal at....Applebees ...Chili's! Ryan and I were up bright & early the next morning lunch came about 10 AM with Chili's leftovers. As we sat on our barstools (garage sale special!) eating using toliet paper as a napkin we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves & just take it all in with pure bliss! 
Our first couple of days were spent getting everything moved over from our old roommates AKA parent's houses and unpacking....boy do I owe a HUGE thanks to my mom, Missy, and her mom, Chris for all their help in keeping me sane while worked & we unpacked! He could tell a big difference when he came home, and it was beginning to feel like a home. :)

We truly are so blessed with the family & friends in our lives...everybody has been so great in helping us make our house a home! We've had visitors, gifts, and lots wanting to come see our house! We will be having a house warming party so be looking for invitation via Facebook. We are really enjoying these moments, but now I can't wait until the next person gets to experience this & I get to share the wealth we were blessed with!

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