April 25, 2011

A Perfect Weekend

Seriously...no seriously (as Jake says) this weekend was PERFECT! Seriously...no seriously...almost every weekend is just about perfect...I really am so blessed! Ryan was schedule to work Saturday, but took off since it was the last Wedding Workshop we could go to at the chapel before our wedding...also, with all the fires in West Texas Ryan's fire department sent some guys to go fight some fires! Ryan had to say no since we had so much going on this weekend! It meant we had 4 days together!

We need to get Ryan some Dodgers gear!

Thursday night we went to Jared's baseball game. They won 4 to 2! Go Dodgers!!!

This is the first year I remember not having to make up a weather day on Good Friday. I was glad RISD changed that as a weather day. Ryan and I were both off...the day got away from us! I went and had my practice wedding hair done then was home so Ryan and I could head to Arlington for his dad's SURPRISE 50th birthday party!
Us after taking a break from all the dancing at Dad's party!
Saturday we attended the Wedding Workshop at the Chapel we're getting married at to lay out how the ceremony will go. It was very excited, and interesting to see our different perspectives on things, but it was good! And apparently I'm the only bride at the chapel that is "difficult" by wanting to do things not most people do. Whatev! We planned on going to Easter service Saturday night, but since the workshop went longer than we thought it would we did our weekly grocery shopping, picked up the dog from Grandma & Papa Gary's, then out for Date Night! ...after we dropped the groceries and dog off of course ;)

Ryan said it was my choice for Date Night...I chose to go eat at Zanata's which is an Italian place in Downtown Rockwall that serves pizzas like Fireside Pies...wood burning or whatever. ;) It's delish! And after appetizer, meal, dessert, and wine we think it's pretty affordable! We watched a movie at home..."How Do You Know" with Reese Witherspoon...I would not suggest it! Bless Ryan for sitting through it! I was bored!! I know he had to! ...and that is why I know I am marrying my best friend! (Wedding Workshop, Grocery Store, and Chick Flick) Is he the best or what?!

Since we didn't make it to Easter service on Saturday night we went Sunday morning. When we got home we were fast and furiously getting our home ready for company! That's right...we hosted Easter lunch at our new home! Everything was perfect EXCEPT the HUGE crick I woke up with Sunday morning. :/ After cooking all the sides, appetizers, and dessert then finally eating I had to go lay down. I was sad I missed out on spending time with my family especially my nephews, but I was in so much pain!

I'm thankful for my mom & dad and Ryan keeping it all together! Ryan woke me up after everybody left & the house looked great! Seriously...no, seriously...he is great!!

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