April 25, 2011

Pank and Pank

In case you don't know our wedding colors are pink and pink...or pank and pank if you have seen Steel Magnolias. ;) Ryan's such a good fiance` who said, "whatever colors you would like dear." He understands this is something I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl. He has certainly given his input on things, and I think we have surprised each other on decisions...for instance when choosing vows we compromised between traditional and more modern. You'd be surprised who wanted which! Guess you'll just have to find out at the wedding!

My very first Bridal Shower was last weekend, April 16th. I had been looking forward to it for so long that when the day finally came I didn't know what to do! I was sooo excited! The weekend started out with my friend/bridesmaid, Marcia, coming in town for the shower on Friday night! We grilled ka-bobs and Mom & Grandmother came over for dinner & Mom's birthday dessert. :) Marcia and I finished the night off with JUST DANCE! Stand by for a video...having trouble uploading it!

We didn't let the night get too crazy because my shower was the next day! Ryan's mom came to our house early to see our humble abode. Our shower gift was too big to take to the shower so we got our first gift early! TV trays!! We are certainly enjoying them & very thankful to Mom & Dad for them!! :)

I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the shower! Everything was absolutely perfect! The guests, the food, the cake, the table, the champagne, the game, the gifts, everything!! My mom put my Meghaaaaaan in charge of taking pictures...she did an excellent job at fulfilling Mr. B's request of taking a million pictures! It's difficult to choose just a couple to post on the blog, but here we go...

My Meghaaaaan and I...We've been friends since 5th grade!

A generation of brides: Grandmother, Mommy, Me, Aunt Marisa, and Julie (SIL)

Chris=Chef of the Best!

Shocked by a $500 giftcard from my brother, Rock & SIL, Julie...if you know my brother you'll understand this ;)

I was REALLY excited about all my gifts! Especially this blender/food processor from Aunt Marissa!

Cups, "not fancy glasses" for my groom from my mommy

Krystal and I were friends in elementary school & reunited freshman year in Jacket Babes!

Hostesses with the Mostesses

Marcia, Mom (Ryan's mom), Me, and Zina (My mom's cousin & my neighbor!)


Amy and I loooove 1st grade!

Playing a game where I had to chew bubble gum every time I got a "Ryan" question wrong...we're in trouble...I had to chew a lot of gum! I was trying to blow a bubble with it!

Rasberry Tea, Punch, and Champagne! The pitcher was my gift from Chris & Missy...they could tell from my registries that I REALLY wanted one!!

Me and MOH, Missy!

Another gift for Ryan...this one from Amy for his "patio"

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