July 28, 2011

Last Bridal Shower

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many friends, family and co-workers who chose to throw me a shower...my 5th was my last one! I hope it's this fun when we have babies!! :) My 1st grade team gave me a shower at school & boy were we showered!! Lots of gift cards which were really fun to shop with after the wedding!! They did a beautiful job making sure everything was PINK! :) I love my team!!

My Junior Bridesmaid was Julie D. who is the daughter of Joann. Joann was my mentor teacher & team leader my 1st year of teaching. We instantly connected, and became great friends! Amy is another teacher friend who student taught with another 3rd grade teacher while I was in 3rd grade, and then was our #1 sub...until she got a job teaching 1st grade. I'm very happy for her, but at the same time sad that I lost my best sub!

::Side Note:: Amy was on pins and needles hoping for a job opportunity this past year...the Friday before school started about 2 hours before Welcome Hour she was hired to teach 1st grade at another school in my district. Thank the good Lord for that! Not only am I happy Amy got her dream job, but also that she had weeks before to help me get my 1st grade classroom together. So needless to say...she's a great friend!!::

Joann, Julie, and Amy hosted a shower for me at Joann's home. We invited friends from school & former parents of students I had in the past. They did a beautiful job with decorations (hard to keep alive PINK plant) and yummy food! They know how much I loooove playing games at showers so we played a "Dress the Bride" game. Not to be confused...my dress nor me, myself, was involved in this game! I was the judge! 2 teams had to dress Julie (the Jr. Bridesmaid) and her friend, Bailey in wedding dresses...using TOILET PAPER!! (I'll post pics as soon as I get them...ahem:: MOM & JOANN!!) ;)

Julie's team was the winning team! I promise I wasn't being partial...it was a tough decision to make! Both teams got pretty creative with their dresses...including accessories! They had rings, bouquets, and even head pieces!

Since our wedding was "small" (we could have had 500 people)...it was nice to have the opportunity to celebrate with the people I spend every day with!

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