July 28, 2011

Crunch Time

The next week was major crunch time with finishing school projects & finishing out the year. Since we used 5 snow days this year we had to go to school on the Friday before Memorial Day which was marked on the calendar as a make-up day. I'm actually pretty thankful we did go to school this day because there was LOTS to do!!

The next week was only a 3 day week for the kids! So it was a must everything got finished the week before! Tuesday was Field Day, and my lovely (at the time, Fiance) once again volunteered to help. Last year he was assigned to a station, but this year he got to travel with me and my class. It was a lot of fun, and nice to see him rooting on the kids! Not only is he the best for volunteering BUT this was also his BIRTHDAY!! When we left school we got home to quickly get ready, and I took him to dinner at Mi Cocina. Being new homeowners Ryan's wishlist was a lot of stuff for the house...I wanted to get him what he wanted, but I also wanted to get him something more exciting than a ladder! Soooo I got him the shot glass case he's always been wanting! I filled it up for him too. He already needs another one! I'm proud of his collection (he has 2 TEXAS TECH glasses!) My daddy is also a shot glass collector...whoever said you marry somebody like your father may have been a little bit right!

That reminds me! For my birthday I blogged about Ryan getting me the bracelet I wore in my bridal portraits & on wedding day, but couldn't post pictures because nobody could see me in my dress...well now that the big day has passed I can share! Here's just a few to see the jewels...and shoes of course! ;)

Bracelet from Fiance

I love my matching earrings...all to go with the add-a-pearl necklace my Grandmother Born started for me

Something Blue

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