August 2, 2011

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Don't be confused by the title...we did not celebrate together, but on the same day...I'm pretty sure Ryan was looking forward more to this day than the wedding! He was really looking forward to the honeymoon too, but that's a later post!

We had our last flings before the rings the week before the wedding on a Saturday night. Ryan had to work the night before so thankfully they weren't up all night...I unfortuantely was...our house alarm went off, scared me like crazy! I thought I'd be pretty tired for the party, but after I saw our hotel room I didn't care!!

We stayed at the Crescent Hotel in Uptown Dallas. After waiting impatiently for our room to be ready we were no longer impatient to see that we got upgraded! Our room was 2 story, full kitchen, dining area, living area, study (which also worked as a bedroom), guest bath, guest room, master room, master bath, and master closet (which could also work as a bedroom)...and a doorbell!! We started the day at the did Ryan at his hotel in Downtown Fort Worth.

After the pool my girls and I went back up to the fabulous room to get ready for a night-o-fun!! We had dinner delivered by a super good pizza place and ate while Brandy did a Pure Romance presentation. That was a lot of fun!! We were then ready for a night out on the town! About 20 heels...walking up and down McKinney Avenue! I'm so thankful to have so many friends who were sure to make me have a good time!

Ryan and his guys had dinner at Chuy's (my favorite!) then went out in Downtown Fort Worth...before heading out they had my brother (Anthony AKA Allen) lock on Ryan's old ball and chain made by Davy...Ryan had to carry this around all night unless he found somebody (ahem...a single girl) to carry it for him! Pretty good idea!

We were excited to see each other the next day, and had a nice brunch with my MOH, Missy, at Primo's. Really...thanks again to all our friends who came in from out of town or somewhere farther away than my comfort zone to spend this time with us! We love you all!!

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