August 6, 2011

Rehearse to PIVOT!

Our bridemaids & groomsmen will totally get that joke...I've been in 5 weddings (I think) but never realized the tediousness of a rehearsal. Our poor wedding party had to rehearse pivoting after I walked down the aisle to face me ABOUT 50 times! haha!

My stress level was a little high this day...I started the day getting my feet and hands done with bridesmaids. My MOH, Missy, then took me to a very nice lunch at Zanata's in Downtown Rockwall with a much needed glass of wine! I explained to her one reason I was stressed was because that morning the dog chewed up the hair piece I planned on putting in my hair for the reception. He was so mad at us...he knew we were leaving sine we were packing for the honeymoon. After lunch Missy and I made a final wedding trip to Hobby Lobby where we got materials to make another hair piece!

The stress level continued to decrease once I got home and Marcia & Kris and Austin were at our house! I knew the fun wedding festivities were on their way! We got ready for rehearsal, and headed to the chapel. After about an hour of rehearsing with many laughs...we were on our way to Primos for our rehearsal dinner.
Thank you to Bailey Ferguson (our Jr. BM's friend) for putting together my rehearsal bouquet! Thank you to Uncle Danny & Aunt Kathy four our Unity Cross. Good thing we had it for rehearsal because we definitely needed to rehearse putting that together! It's such a beautiful piece that will forever remind us of our unity. :)

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