July 28, 2014

ABCs of Summer...R Day

You know one of my favorite things starts with the letter R! Reading!! You know what another one of our favorite things is?! Rain! That is when we don't HAVE to go anywhere...

So this day the storm was uh-brewin! Ryan LOVES thunderstorms! To me this is great sleeping weather, but when you have a toddler...you still have to entertain!

My plan was to go to the Rockwall Country Library for books to READ! Then this day was the BIG education sale at Mardel...I thought we could go, but with the rain it just wasn't a good idea...

So instead...I looked up rainy day activities on Pinterest! I didn't really do anything I pinned, but there were some things I'll save for the future! We ended up building a fort! Prestyn LOVED it! I'm not a pro fort builder, but it was fun! We sat in the fort, and read Cat in the Hat with a flashlight. She loves books and loved the flashlight! We had Elmo in there with us too! Why did I choose Cat in the Hat to read?! Because it's about kids sitting inside on a rainy day, duh! ;)

The rain did calm down, and Nonna was at work that day so since she now lives down the street Prestyn and I went to visit while Husband napped.

You know what else R stands for?! Road Trip! So our plan was to travel to La Vernia late this night so Prestyn would sleep. Well at 4 o'clock I was READY to go! So we road tripped it! There's a whole notha blog comin' about that one! With some things that worked for us...traveling with a toddler that maybe some mommas could use?! That blog post will be after the S post! :)

Cheers! XOXO

This was a different day, but I thought the pictures were fitting for this post...here's an idea for a rainy day activity! One of Prestyn's FAVORITE games! Just pom poms in a water bottle!

I tried to get her to use the tongs to move them around in the muffin tin, but we're still working on how to use those. ;)

My little book worm!

She loves her Elmo! She treats him like one of her babies, and gives him a paci. :)

I just love those little piggies! She was trying to turn on a "moooie" :)

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