July 7, 2014

ABCs of Summer...L Day

L is for Lame! Is that what you're all thinking about these blog posts, and the ABCs of summer? I'm running out of ideas! haha! Plus P is so small that she just enjoys anything new we do!

Conveniently enough our swim lessons have coordinated with the days of summer... (B is for bathing suit & I is for indoor swimming) L is for...Lessons! This time Gee got to come watch P in her swim lessons! And Prestyn did SO good! She really is learning and doing better at her lessons! She really didn't fuss at all this time...she certainly does NOT like floating on her back though so that's one thing we're working on when we take her swimming! She did SO good at blowing bubbles though when I told her to! I am so proud! She even got a ribbon from her teacher for blowing bubbles!

P was ready to nap once we got home! When she woke up I thought maybe we could have LUNCH at LUBY'S, but I still had some yummy Chicken 'n Dumplins that I had made so we had LEFTOVERS instead! ::Side Note:: these were the best chicken n dumplins that I've ever made! The recipe is on my Pinterest if you're interested.

We then went to the LIBRARY! We met one of my sorority sisters there and her sweet boy. :) It was fun to get together, and let our babies play. The library was having an event that day for school aged children so once that let out the library got a little busy! Prestyn had fun playing in the children's area. She picked out a book to check out...Goodnight Moon...of course a book we already have!

But since Mommy got a new LEATHER wallet from Daddy for our 3 year anniversary (like how I put that in there...thanks Husband!) I had switched wallets, and forgot my library card! So we didn't get to check out the book, but we did get a bag of goodies that is guiding more of our time this summer...including the M day that will be blogged about later!

You know what else starts with the letter L?! LAKE! Since it was Thursday it was a perfect day to go to Concerts on the Lake! Ryan's Dad, Prestyn's Paw-Paw & Michelle, came into town to picnic with us and listen to the music! Prestyn was the star of the show! She was loving walking up and down the walkway, and would stop and dance for anybody that would dance with her and/or watch her! Center of attention that's for sure! We all had a really great time! I love the town we live in!

XOXO! Pictures!!

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  1. I'm loving your ABC's. I'm already working on my lesson plans for Grey's summer 2015. I need to go to the library (never been) and need a card!