July 14, 2014

ABCs of Summer...P Day

Another day that I have been looking forward to for a long time! So many things start with the letter P! We had a lot planned, and got to do a lot of it! It was a fun day!

Ryan got home this morning so our morning was spent as a family. We kept saying things that started with the letter P to be like "it's P's day!" ha!

Our plan was to go to the Perot museum after lunch so we were anxious for P to nap, eat, and go!

For lunch Prestyn had pizza! She's had it before, but now that she's eating more on her own it was funny to watch her eat it. She eats the cheese, sauce, and hamburger off the top of it...not the crust! I also made her 1/2 a PB & J sandwich to see what she thought...again...something she's had before, but not really fed herself. SHE LOVED IT! :) I used the blackberry jam we got from Ham's Orchard...she kept asking for more!

Aaaaand it just occurred to me that I should of gone back to the ORCHARD for O day! Duh! Oh and my friend Jaimee reminded me that O stands for Ocean! I planned to make the jellyfish we didn't make on J day, but still haven't gotten to that yet...give me a break people...I have a 16 month old! ;)

Back to P day! I forgot to include that in the morning play time we did some water color painting. Prestyn wasn't too interested in it. She'd rather draw on her marker board. Ha!

The drive to Dallas to go to to the museum was less than enjoyable. There was a ton of traffic, and Prestyn was in. a. mood.

We were pleasantly surprised when we got there though! We knew mine & Prestyn's ticket would be free because I'm a teacher, and she's under 2! When we were going to buy Ryan's ticket we asked if First Responders are also free...YES THEY ARE! So guess what?! The Thomas family got in FOR FREE! If Joann Dickerson is reading this right now she knows how exciting FOR FREE is for me! ;)

You know what else was a nice surprise! At first we thought the $8 museum parking was full...we drove down literally a foot down, and parked in $3 parking! Take notes people! This is worth it!

So when you go to the museum they tell you to start on the 4th floor, and work your way down. There's also signs everywhere that say elevators are for strollers! And there are stairs and an escalator for those without strollers. But who follows the rules anymore?! Well we do! Because we have a stroller! And we needed the room...aaaaanywaaaay! The elevators are glass so we thought P would have been really excited to ride the elevator. NEGATIVE! It scared her! We got off on the 4th floor then wanted to go up to the see the birds. She was hesitant but rode...We then had to ride the elevator down. Oh brother! Then when it was time to get back on again...she just shook her head NO AND SAID NOOOO!

So I carried P all the way down the stairs to the Children's Museum while Ryan took the stroller down the elevator. We got to go down the musical stairs though that were cool! Ryan and I were really excited to see everything the museum had to offer, but to expect a 16 month old to want to look at all that is a little cray cray! ;) So we'll be going back just the 2 of us, and probably see one of the movies too!

The Children's Museum was cool though. They had lots of fun things that I know P would have loved had she not been sleepy, or had there not already been a ton of kids there messing everything up. haha! So next time we take her it'll probably be in the morning...

My plan for that afternoon was to play with play-doh. We didn't get to that, but we did the other day. Prestyn thought it was fun at first, but then she just told me no when I was rolling it out flat. haha! And then she was happy again when I used cookie cutters to make the Play-Doh into shapes. She did her cute face where she drops her jaw in a smile! Love that sweet girl!

Here's some pics from the museum. :)

This gave me a good idea of something to do with P! :)

Staring at the little boy who was playing by her ;)

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