July 1, 2014

ABCs of Summer...J Day

I'm so anxious to get caught up on the blog so I could blog about this day and the letter K day!

And as long as Little Women: LA is on...I'll be blogging! Ha!

So I kept hearing about this trampoline park in Rockwall...well we finally got to check it out! J day landed on a day that Ryan had to work so sweet RickiPaige went to Urban Air with is because...J is for Jumping!

There's a little area for kids under 7 to play. Prestyn was really the only kid in that area for most of the time. She wasn't so sure at first so she didn't want to jump by herself. I held her, and jumped with her in my arms...she cried at first...later she just made like an eeeee sound. It had a little bit of excitement in it and a little bit of fright. I am guessing that it felt like her stomach was dropping as we jumped...and we all know what that feels like!

As we started to jump around she was doing OK...then she started pointing to the pit! So we went over there, and of course all the little kids were like, "who's this lady with a baby...whatever I'm getting in front of her."

So this place is a lot of fun...it has a bunch of teenagers working each spot...Ricki, Prestyn, and I broke all kinds of rules, but I don't think the teens were going to tell this momma bear. Ha! 1 girl even said..."I mean you're her mom so I guess you can do whatever you want." OK! So off into the pit we went!

Haha! Um a 30 year old mom in a pit of foam...Go ahead...roll over and laugh...that's what I did...it was fun though! And all for my sweet P!

What else starts with the letter J? Joe Willy's! This is where RickiPaige works so we went by to say hi, but also to get a bite! Prestyn loves their grilled cheese and french fries! And momma loves...you guessed it...their ice cream shakes! ha!

Our craft for the day was supposed to be making jelly fish...we still haven't done that...so that and the hand print craft will be something we can do on a weekend day. :)

XOXO! Pictures!!


  1. She is so very precious!! Love the faces in some of the pics, especially the last one. :)

    1. Thank you! She's like, "say what?! why you have to take my picture doing everything?! even eating?!"