July 2, 2014

ABCs of Summer...K Day

Today was another day that I've really been looking forward to! The plan was to go to Klyde Warren Park in the morning, but instead we played outside. Prestyn had fun in her sandbox and with the bubbles.

I also made a felt kite for Prestyn to put the shapes on and off of the kite. It was so cute to watch her smack it down to make sure it stayed! ha! After some good morning play P napped for a couple hours then it was time to head to Dallas!

I have never been to this park before, but I had heard so many great things about it. My friend, Jessica & her daughter Harper, met us there! So when I found where the park was I drove around FOREVER looking for parking! Finally I decided to stop where I saw valet. The poor dishelved momma who was new to this area wasn't sure what to do! So I asked the nice gentlemen...they said I could valet for $15, meter park, oooooor....valet for free! I was/am so appreciative! I did have some cash on me thankfully to tip them well! I just didn't know where I was going or what I was doing! They knew I had a sweet baby girl with me so they helped me unload, and we were on our way! Oh...and they took care of Jess & Harp too!

Since it was our 1st time we didn't really know what to expect so while we were there we changed the girls into their swimsuits. They were quick to begin getting in the water, and enjoyed playing around! It was so funny and cute to watch them together...we realized we both have bird & dog chasers! haha! After playing in one splash area we moved to a bigger one...bigger is not always better! After we got some ice cream, and had some downtime we went back to the small splash area!

Prestyn has kind of been in a mood lately. She's been cranky & whiny. I really think it's the 2 incisor teeth she has coming in...but today she was wonderful! She did so good at the park, and had so much fun with Harper! Once we got home she played independently, and allowed me to get some stuff done around the house...she had dinner, bathed then it was time to go bye bye again!

Typically we don't go anywhere after bath time, but on one of my mommy groups I saw where there was a sale at Kohl's on the kid toys. Well Kohl's starts with the letter K so we had to go today! On our way there we called Nonna, and decided to stop there for some homemade dinner for momma!

Oh and because P was SO well behaved today she got a little Kit Kat bite...she really liked that! She was saying yum yum yum! And licking her lips! hehehe! No wonder I craved so many sweets when I was pregnant with her!

I wanted us to make Kool-Aid popsicles today with her Organic Juice, but that'll have to be saved for another day! Sweet girl went down without a fight, and is sleeping soundly! Momma's going to bed too!


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