July 9, 2014

Prestyn's 15th Month

::sigh:: Our sweet girl is actually almost 16th months, but because of the set back we had with her 12 month appointment due to ear infections we were just able to get in for her 15 month appointment...

So anyway...turning 15 months is much more than a doctor's visit! When I first had P I read (and agreed) that growth spurts happen every 3, 6, 9, 12 weeks and months. I'd like to go ahead and add 15 to that! And I'm going to be prepared for this to happen at 18 months!

It was like all of a sudden she was STARVING!! And outgrowing all of her 12 month clothes! Even her little feet are getting bigger! She'll be able to finish the summer wearing her size 3 shoes, but when we go buy new Fall shoes I'll be buying a 4! You know what else is a size 4?! The boots we got P when we revealed she was a girl!!! So yay! I'm already thinking of our Fall Photos we'll do, and use for our Christmas cards! YAY!

So anyway...Prestyn also has worn any 12 month clothes for the last time. :( Some size 12-18 still fit, but pretty much 18 month and some 24 month are what fit her best. This growth spurt resulted in her all of a sudden waking in the middle of the night, and needing to be held before going back to sleep on her own. It also resulted in eating a ton, and then not wanting to eat ANYTHING! I'm thankful for Mrs. Amber because I know P eats for her. And when Prestyn says, "bite" "mommy's", I give her a bite of mommy's because she wasn't eating much of her own food!

I would say that breakfast is her favorite meal. Or favorite time of day to eat. I guess because she's sleeping 10-12 hours at night so when she wakes up she's HANGRY! I'm sure I could get her to eat anything at breakfast time...she typically has things like: yogurt, banana, berries, grapes, donuts, waffles, french toast, eggs, muffins, etc. This week we'll be trying Pop Tarts on the P day. ;)

So now that Prestyn is home with me 5 days a week (she goes to Mrs. Amber's 2 days a week) her schedule has changed some since we're not trying to wake up, and rush to get to school! So we wake up around 7:30, have breakfast, then depending on the activities we have that day we usually just play at home. Then P will nap from about 10-1. When she wakes up she's ready to eat lunch! Not her favorite time of day because she usually knows that after lunch we go "bye-bye". So she's saying "bye-bye", and she's ready to go!

We definitely have a toddler on our hands! She will throw down, and throw a fit no matter where we are or who we're around! It's quite embarassing, and most of the time I'm not sure how to handle it. I don't know why, but I worry about how others are judging me. When we're at home, and she throws these fits I talk her through it; then if it continues she goes to time out for 1 minute in her bed. Which is another issue I wasn't sure about, but a friend made a good point that she's safe in there...and the way this toddler throws fits...SAFE IS BEST! ;)

Prestyn has a pretty extensive vocabulary too! I mean I recognize this, and am so proud of her...but with her being my 1st and only (so far) I don't know any different! Well to document what words she knows up to this point I thought I'd try to list them...so here it goes!

HI (waves), Bye-Bye (waves), duck (paci), dog (and knows that they woof), duck (to say quack quack quack it sounds more like "duck duck duck"), coke (milk), pup (cup), eat, more, please, thank you (I'm pretty sure I'm most proud of those 2!) ;), ball, baby, Elmo, back, up, down, bubbles, juice, mommy, momma, daddy, dada, Nonna, Gee, Early, Ricky, Kiki, Harper, Prestyn, night-night, bath, cat (meows too), cow (moos too), pig (oinks), lion (roars), monkey (also says oooo oooo aaaa aaaa)...

I'm sure there's more, but look at that! Isn't she awesome?! She can also point out her head, belly, toes, nose, eyes, ears! She loves singing and dancing! She gets those legs uh-goin' and just can't stop! She's also a little book worm! Prestyn loves to read! Loves, loves, loves, loves it! She will just sit, and look at a book then say words like she's reading it. I'm so proud! Seriously! Can you tell?!

I feel like with me blogging so much this summer with the ABCs posts that you all have a pretty good idea of where P is...here's how she measured up at the doctor:

Weight: 22.8 lbs 65th percentile
Height: 30 in 35th percentile
Head Circumference: 17 I think? All I know is it's 81st percentile! She has a big head! haha!

And since we're past the monthly pictures I thought I'd post some from my phone that I haven't shared yet...because what's a blog post without pictures?! 

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