July 28, 2014

ABCs of Summer...Q Day

Wowie Wow Wow! Summer is coming to an end...I've been tutoring 2 days a week, but the past 2 weeks I'm tutoring 4 days a week. So I'm busy, tired, and entertaining a toddler most of the time! And let's not forget to keep a little romance going with the hubs and I! So I'm super late in blogging...I'll try to get caught up! I love you, Prestyn Reese, but these ABCs of Summer are wearing me out! ha!

So you know what starts with the letter Q? Quiet Time, Quinlan, Dairy Queen, Quilts, and Quality Time. My sweet husband did some research before this day, and said Prestyn could make a fabric and paper quilt! I love him so much! We decided to have some quiet time and quality time together as a family!

It's been so long since our Q day so I'll try to remember how we spent our day...a few blogs back (my O day specifically) I complained about how hot it was outside. God was listening! ;) We got up the morning of the Q day, and it was a BEAUTIFUL morning!!! Prestyn and I went for a nice long walk. I just prayed aloud for the 2 of us thanking God for His beauty and glory! I was in awe with how gorgeous this summer morning was!

Pretty much every day Prestyn asks to go "out" "pool". And usually I tell her it's too hot, and she says "hot." Well this day was an exception! Dada filled up her little pool, and we all just relaxed & enjoyed the day together! The pictures speak for themselves!

Oh! And we had quesedillas for lunch! Prestyn's consisted of: spinach leaves, refried beans, and cheese. She LOVED it, and ate it up!!! So now I know that's a way to get her to eat some greens. ;)

She took her chair into her pool all by herself! LOL!


Call us white trash, but we enjoyed this! ha!


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