July 9, 2014

ABCs of Summer...N Day

Until I posted on Facebook I really had NOTHING for our N day...I some ideas, but wasn't sure how to make it baby friendly until y'all helped me out! So thank you for participating in our ABCs of Summer!

Let's see...how did our day go? Well 1st Prestyn took a nap! Haha! I forgot to read the Napping House book, but made up for it when I read it before bed!

She's been napping from about 10-1 every day then having lunch when she wakes up. Well as soon as she woke up yesterday we had to get dressed, and let her eat quickly so she could go to the doctor...because N also stands for...NEEDLES! :(

Prestyn was due for her 15 month check up, and at this appointment there are needles involved! 3 of them! She did so good with the exam part...she was so happy to see Dr. Drake, and was just showing her all she could do! Walking, running, playing, talking, etc. Ha! But this post isn't about the 15th month...it's supposed to be about the letter N!

This was the 1st time I took P to the doctor for shots without Ryan. So this time I had to be the one that held her arms while the nurse gave her her shots. It was so heart breaking to see that look on her face when they poked her. I wanted to burst out in tears with her, but tried to stay strong for my sweet girl! After she was through she didn't cry long, and was excited to go see Nonna!

Nonna was also happy to be a part of our N day. So she had to show Prestyn off, and take her to see Nancy too! Prestyn got a shiny star and lollipop for being such a brave girl too!

Oh I forgot to include that this morning I started the dying of our noodles for our necklace and name craft! I put rubbing alcohol and NEON food coloring in baggies with NOODLES. After they soaked all day we came home to let them dry...that didn't take long!

But while they were drying it was time for a snack! Prestyn had Nutella for the 1st time on Nilla wafers. Based on the pictures you can see they were a hit! At first she was just licking the the Nutella off the Nilla wafer, but then she started eating the cookies too. :)

Once the noodles were dry I put them in a tray for us to sort by color. A BIG task for a 15 month old! But it was fun...until it wasn't...it was fun until P decided to take a big bite of a purple noodle, and chewed and swallowed most her bite! Remember...these had soaked in rubbing alcohol! Bleck! I called Ryan who was with my dad who said she'll be fine..."It's like taking a shot of whiskey. Maybe she'll sleep better tonight." Ha! Then Ryan wised up, and said to call the pediatrician. When the "never worries about anything paramedic" says to call the doctor...you call the doctor! So I did...the nurse told me I neeed to feed her more. hahahaha! She said she was probably fine, but wanted to talk with Dr. Drake just to be sure. They said just to look out for odd behavior (she already ate a noodle...that's odd enough) and vomitting (which didn't happen thankfully).

Prestyn wasn't too keen on wearing the necklace so I wore it for her and we took selfies! After we made the necklace we used the leftover noodles to spell out Prestyn's name. So for about a week now Prestyn has been repeating "Petyn" when I say, "Say Prestyn". Well since name starts with the letter N I thought we could work on her answering what her name was when asked. You know what my name is?! Proud Momma! So now when I say, "What's your name?" She says, "Petyn"! Can you believe it!! Love my sweet girl!

Prestyn had some nuggets for dinner, listened to the Napping House before bed, and went Night Night!

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