July 14, 2014

ABCs of Summer...O Day

O is for...obligation?! I feel like I've started blogging about each and every day. No matter how mundane they may be I feel obligated to tell you all about our days! ha! I used to be a good writer...maybe that will happen again when I'm intrigued by profound thoughts!

Anyway...so I was a little lost on what we would do this day other than go outside...but daaaaang...it's July! In Texas! So needless to say it was waaaaay too hot to spend time outside!

We did start the morning with swim lessons so I'll just say that O stands for Opposite Day?! ::Huge Side Note:: Remember that time I bravely posted a picture of my skin?! Well here I go bravely posting a picture of my bikini body! I took this because my bathing suit colors were opposite like our O day. I thought...I need to blog about this, and how my body image has changed after having a baby. So maybe this blog won't be much about the letter O, but whatever! ;)

I will say that I already had these yellow bottoms, but the top was a triangle top. After nursing/pumping for 13 months triangle tops are not my friend! My beautiful friend, Jaimee, wore these colors and I loved it! Thankfully Target doesn't change their suits much so I was able to get an accommodating top!

So I once saw something that said: "Forget being 'Skinny Minnie'! Be Healthy Holly!" I loved this! I may not be super skinny or have a flat tummy BUT I'VE HAD A BABY! And I'm proud of that! And that's not an excuse to not be in shape. I do what I can to eat right and get exercise in ways outside of the gym...because as a working momma...who has time for the gym?! Besides the Melissas who go at 5 AM! ha!

Sure I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I'm healthy! I am maintaining a healthy weight, and eat right...but I also eat what I want! If I want queso I eat queso! If I want ice cream I eat ice cream! I just make it up for it the next day, or I plan ahead so that I leave some room in my daily caloric intake for those pleasures!

And you know what else? My husband loves me & my healthy body! As far as physical appearances go...I only need to impress him & be happy with myself! So there!

Anyway so back to O day. O is for Opposite day. And not just bathing suit colors...but also P's behavior at swim lessons! Bless her heart! I don't know if it's the 3 new teeth she's getting right now, or the after effects of the shots she got...She was just off! She pretty much clung to me and cried the whole time during lessons. Even her instructor, Ms. Jennifer, didn't want to put her through torture, and allowed me to just hold her...we tried!

After a long nap at home we had lunch, and took a trip to the G store! That's a fun way to say grocery store...ha! We got eggs to make omelets for dinner and oreos for our afternoon snack! It had been a while since P had played with her favorite twins: Gabie & Sophie so we took Oreos and juice over for a play date! We also got some hand me clothes from the girls! P and the girls played outside for a bit, and I figured out what we're getting P for her birthday next year! An outdoor playhouse! She loved theirs!

Oh and how could I forget?! O stands for Old Stompin' Grounds! I had to make an Advocare delivery for Ry Guy the Advocare Guy in Rowlett so I took P through my Old neighborhood! I showed her the house I grew up in, the school I went to, and taught at! I showed her where Nonna used to work too!

O is for ongoing nonsense?? I'll stop now! Good night friends!


Healthy Holly

Opposite of a bow? Hat day for momma & P!

P looks great in her bathing suit too! :)

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