July 1, 2014

ABCs of Summer...H Day

Since I decided we would do the ABCs of summer I had started writing in my calendar what we do for each day...I have most been looking forward to H Day!

H is for...HAM'S ORCHARD!! Ryan and I went on a date here when we first got married with our Life Group. It was a lot of fun, and they have the best ice cream! I have so been looking forward to taking our sweet daughter here to experience the fun!

You know what else H is for? HOT & HUMID!! ::Side Note:: Living in Texas in the Summer time the best time of day to go do anything outdoors is in the morning before it gets too hot...buuuut with a 1 year old she pretty much calls the shots. But we decided to make the shots this day, and go in the morning!

Not sure that made much of a difference...it was really so hot & humid! Yuck! But P didn't mind! We got our bucket, and were off to pick blackberries. Um I'm not a farmer so I don't know much about produce, but I do know blackberries are supposed to be black. What I didn't know was that before they are ripe they are red...so we started out picking the red ones because there were SO many of them! Well no duh! There were so many because it would take FOREVER for those to ripen! We picked some red ones, and they're STILL not black! However...the black ones we did pick were yum! A little sour, but still good. :)

Prestyn had fun picking them and putting them in the bucket. :) That girl has some independence! She could seriously go anywhere without us, and be just fine with that! She was just walking around everywhere! We decided we were done picking berries (which P was saying, "bewwies" so cute!) While Ryan paid for the bewwies and bags of peaches (YUM-O!)  Prestyn and I walked around the little shop. We thought we would have lunch there...the menu looked really good, but because it was so hot & humid we decided just to get our peach ice cream! Which is so delicious! P liked it, but I don't think she's much of a fan of ice cream...I think she doesn't like the cold temperature of it. ;)

We made it home, P had lunch, and we all took a nap! I had planned on us to do a family craft with our hand prints, but haven't gotten around to that yet! I did round up lots of things to donate to Helping Hands...that is one thing I hope our children will learn...about being appreciative of the things you have, and giving & sharing your things...and your time! I hope to volunteer one day too!

Cheers! XOXO

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