June 29, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Well as you can tell once I get going on the blog I just keep going and going! Even though this is a late one I'm hoping that one day it will mean a lot to Prestyn and Ryan!

This year we got to celebrate Father's Day for 2 days! On the weekend of...that Saturday we drove to Ryan's mom's house in Arlington. I think this was the only time Prestyn was PERFECT in the car on the way there AND on the way home!! We are so thankful!!

It was really nice to gather with everybody! Once Prestyn warmed up a little and had  few snacks we got her ready to get in the pool! She had some fun for a while, but was then ready to play with Grammies! Ryan and I got to enjoy some adult time in the pool with his aunt, uncle, and cousins while Nanny & Grammies got some baby time with P! Everybody was happy!

The next day (Sunday-Father's Day) we planned on grilling out, and having my family over. Ryan's dad was missed as he was in Niagra Falls (we'll get to see him this week to give him his gift from P!) :)

It was such a nice day! My mom, dad, brothers, nephews, and brother's girlfriend were all here! Once we started eating we also got a visit from my Indiana family! My aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband, and their daughter were in town for my other cousin's baptism so on their way back to Indiana they stopped by our house! It was so nice to see them! My cousin, Jennifer, and I were so happy that our girls finally got to meet! Prestyn was so cute trying to feed Addie a bottle. :)

On our C day Prestyn made a craft for her daddy. Once she woke up she was anxious to give her gift to her daddy!

1st Cousins and 2nd Cousins!

Uncle Rock & Amy! Love them!

Jared & Jake with Prestyn...love my sweet nephews!

Sweet Cousins :)

Disclaimer:: Y'all! No filters, no photoshop, and I just noticed my skin! It almost looks flawless!! Well to me it looks completely flawless! Wow! Thank you R+F! :)

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