June 28, 2014

D, E, F, G is for...Grandparents & Galveston!

So Ryan and I were due for a little vacation for just the 2 of us! We wanted to be by the beach so off to Galveston it was! While we were gone...for 4 days!...my parents kept Prestyn. I hadn't planned on having them participate in the ABCs of Summer, but they said they would like the ideas of activities so I wrote out "plans" for each day...here's how it was SUPPOSED to go... ;)

D Day:

Take Prestyn & Ricky (the dog) to the dog park!
Give Prestyn Dinosaur nuggets for lunch.
Have Prestyn color in her Disney coloring book.

Prestyn did play with the Dog (what she calls him, but by the end of the week was saying Ricky) while Gee took pictures.
She did have her dinosaur nuggets for lunch!
Gee thought she could color, but didn't find the crayons I packed. ;) I know they had a good time though!

E Day:
Have scrambled eggs for breakfast
Do experiments...sinking & floating in the pool...I made sure they knew she would sink. ;) Swim lessons are helpful, but she isn't quite floating yet. ;)
Get exercise: Go for a walk!

Nonna had off this day so she made P eggs for breakfast. :)
They did go for a walk!
And I guess you could say they experimented with bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub! The tub got so full of bubbles P had to finish her bath in the sink!

F Day:
Go to Forney to the Gentle Zoo. It's a petting zoo that we took P too during Spring Break. :)
Have fish sticks for lunch

They really wanted to go to the Gentle Zoo, and wanted to fingerpaint...but Nonna & Gee were having fun taking pictures & keeping up with P!
She did have fish sticks for lunch!

G Day:
Glazed donuts for breakfast.
Games with Grandparents!

They did have lots of fun together, and had donuts for breakfast! Here are the pictures to prove all the fun they had! :) I'm sure Mom & Dad could write their own blog about their week with P! We are so thankful my parents allowed us this time to go on a trip together...so now for how our week went!

On our way to Galveston we stopped in Madisonville at Buccee's. It was such a fun gas station! We got lunch there, and got some souvenirs for Prestyn & Ricky! It didn't take us long to get Galveston especially in the new car with XM radio! Ha! We're easily satisfied. :)

Once we got checked into the hotel we were ready to get to the pool! The pool was the best part about this place! It was very family friendly, but also great for couples! I really enjoyed the pool! We wanted to have an easy dinner that night...we should ofgone to The Spot...instead we went to Olympia...it was ok...

The next day Ryan was ready to go to the beach! We had heard about all the seaweed that was on the beach, but had no idea how bad it was until we got down there! Trucks started raking the seaweed off the sand at about 4 AM I think...It was still all piled up! It really wasn't bad walking through the seaweed to get into the water...just once you were trying to get further into the water, and the seaweed would touch your legs! YUCK!

We decided to go to Stewart Beach where we rented chairs & an umbrella! I was happy just sitting in the shade, and reading my book. Occasionally I would go cool off in the beach, or lay on the sand when my bum was hurting from sitting...haha! Ryan bought a boogie board as soon as we got there, and was in the water pretty much the entire time!

That night was our anniversary dinner night! I saw this restaurant called Mario's on the Seawall...I looked it up on Trip Advisory, and it had great reviews! Pulling up to the restaurant we weren't so sure, but hey! It had great reviews! When you first walk in it seems ok...until you go further back to sit down, and it got worse! We sat there FOREVER before we were even asked for a drink order. The waitress wasn't familiar with the menu at all! It took forever to get anything! Our food was sub-par ( did I use that correctly?). The waitress brought the bread for our meal AFTER we were through eating!! It was an expensive meal that wasn't even worth it! I was so disappointed, and felt so bad since it was the place I had chosen! :( So after that we went to The Spot...ugh another bad choice...it was a cool place, but it was SO windy that we couldn't really enjoy it!

The next day was MY day! Which means...SHOPPING! So where else do you go in Galveston other than...The Strand! I had so much fun going through all the shops seeing all the cute souvenir gifts, and also the "Me & Kari" stores with monogram stuff, Lilly Stuff, Vera Stuff, Tervis, etc...haha! Ryan would say...this is a you & Kari store...ha! I love my BFF!

That night was the best night! We had dinner at Miller's (I think?) Anyway the food was so good, and service was great! We tried the spot again, but I was turned away because I didn't have my ID and apparently I look UNDER 21! I mean thanks...but really I just wanted a margarita!

We were ready to get back to P the next day...and the squeal in her voice & smile on her face was the best greeting ever!

Next vacation...we'll be going as a family...in July...to...La Vernia! Can't wait!!!
Yes Prestyn that's your belly

Such a pretty girl...even with the duck ;)

Night night!

Cheese! She's so funny...she picks up my phone, holds it in front of her, and says cheese!

um...are you sure about this?

so smart! toothpaste goes on the toothbrush!

Are you ready for this Gee?!

She cracks up at Ricky!




fun times with Nonna!

my beautiful girl!




D is for Driving..we were stopped here! ;)


D is for Dancing!

Traditional Anniversary Picture...Not my favorite outfit from our trip, but oh well! We're holding a picture of us from our 2 year anniversary...in that picture we're holding a picture from our 1 year anniversary...in that picture is a picture from our wedding day!



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