June 13, 2014

ABCs of Summer...C Day

I will start by saying that not EVERY day is a huge extravagent day...not only would that be exhausting, but it would also be very costly! So each day has a "highlight" of the day, but there are things I try to incorporate into the letter of the day...

This morning we woke up, and got ready to go to the pool with our friends Jaimee and Grey. :) Prestyn did really good for the most part...she did great at practicing the skills we learned at swim lessons yesterday. I'm so proud of my brave little girl. She definitely isn't afraid of the water! Prestyn is such a water baby! She loves it!! She was quite upset when I wouldn't let her take a cookie into the water...from then on she was ready for a nap!

Once she woke up we had lunch, and got redy for our C errands! 1st trip to Costco for gas & diapers! We love Costco! Maybe a little too much...today was a fun day because they had lots of samples. Haha! The only thing we tried was juice which P liked. :) Daddy would be proud that we didn't buy any though. :)

Next stop to the Car Wash! This was Prestyn's 1st trip to go through the car wash...I think the part she liked best was the sucker she got from the lady who we paid. She didn't laugh or cry...just watched as our car went through the wash. :)

Remember that sucker though...on the way home Prestyn finished it...no trouble...until she tried to eat the stick! I literally had to pull over on the side of the highway to take it from her so she wouldn't eat it! I was so worried she was going to choke on it. That made her pretty mad, but I didn't care..it was worth it! I'm sure Ryan is shaking his head right now reading that part...oh well...that's the kind of stuff that happens with a 14 month old!

When we got home we put our aprons on, and cookies in the oven for afternoon snack! Prestyn helped, and enjoyed watching them in the oven. :) While the cookies baked Prestyn swang in her swing while I got our crafts all set up.

The crafts are Father's Day gifts so I won't post pictures of those yet, but let's just say they involved Prestyn's hand print. She wasn't too happy. It took lots of breaks between each craft project, but we did it! And I think they look pretty good!

Today's words we worked on were cat & cow. Prestyn can say what they say: meow & moo...when she says cat she says tat. Haha. I love it! And of course we continued with a bee says buzzzzzz! :) And all of our favorites with "help" "please" and "bubbles" I love my sweet girl, and am having so much fun with our ABCs days!

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