June 29, 2014

P is for Party

Did I really never blog about this?! OMG I've gotten so lazy with the blog! I'm sorry friends! Prestyn's party was 3 months ago! I've decided I'm going to blog about her every big milestone...or what the doctor's office considers a milestone since she goes again for 15 months...that'll be my next big blog about her...but how could I blog about 15 months when I haven't even blogged about Prestyn's party yet!

So when trying to decide what the theme of the party should be my BFF said she always thinks the 1st party should go with the baby's name or nickname...which I totally agree with! So then we started brainstorming...what goes with P! Since that's what we call Prestyn! The ideas were just a rollin'!

So we had:

* Pails with Playdough, Pixie sticks, Pinwheels and Paddle balls for the kids
* P is for Pictures...so we had a Photo booth area set up with Props for People to take Pictures, and Post on Instagram with the hashtag: pisforprestyn
* Pizza rolls, Pickles, Pineapple, Pasta salad, Pickled loaf sandwiches, Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, Potato chips, Popcorn, Popsicles, Pink lemonade, Punch, and Puffs
* Painting for the kids: my sweet friend, JoAnna Painted faces for the kids! And we had finger Painting!

The kids enjoyed playing, painting, eating, and picture taking...I made it a point to enjoy Prestyn's party with her. She wasn't quite acting like herself, but we thought it was because she was overwhelmed by all the people.

After some time we sang to Prestyn, and gave her her cake! It was HUGE! Her sweet sitter, Amber, made it for her! This wasn't her first time to have cake, but she did really like the icing! We had cupcakes and cookies for her guests. :)

Next it was time to open presents! Prestyn was so joyfully spoiled with clothes & toys! We are so appreciative for all of the gifts she got!

Prestyn was thankful once we got home, and began to act more like herself! Nonna, Gee, Aunt Kari, Mark, and Dylan came back to the house for us. After P pretty much tore into all her gifts she was ready for bed! I did have to give her some tylenol though had she had a fever. :( When we took her for her 1 year visit we learned she had an ear infection. :( Her first one ever! No wonder she wasn't acting like herself at the party! Anyway here are some pictures from the party!

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