June 13, 2014

ABCs of Summer...B Day

Today was also swim lesson day so we started our day with that! And thankfully Prestyn slept until 8:30 so she was much more rested this time than last time!

Ryan took her last time and said she cried about 50% of the time. I would say this time she only cried about 25% of the time. Thankfully Ryan was there to watch so that was a good distraction when she got fussy. 

P did pretty well though! I enjoyed the class too because it taught me things I should be doing with her at the pool. 

Once we got home from swim lessons it was time to start our letter B Day! We got dressed, and went to the library to check out BOOKS! Prestyn had a lot of fun watching the other kids play, and listening to one of the mommies read. This teacher mom is so proud that my baby girl loves books! 

Afterwards we met Ry at this BBQ place downtown that we've been wanting to try. It was really good, and we loved the atmosphere. Prestyn tried Daddy's BBQ beans...she wasn't too sure about them but she loved her grilled cheese! 

As we were leaving the restaurant I stated teaching P that a bee says buzzzzz. And now she does it! So cute! I forgot to mention in my last post that I tried to get her to say apple. She tried. It sounded a lot like help which she now says when she needs help with something. 

After a much needed nap it was craft time! I wanted to make bird feeders out of pinecones, but to find pinecones in June is nearly impossible. So we improvised. Of course Prestyn liked eating the peanut butter and the bird seed...

I'm just going to apologize now for the mundane details for the next 24 days. They're important to is and may inspire others! 

Moving on...for snack Prestyn had berries! For dinner she had beef stroganoff and bananas! 

B is also for bath...how we ended our day...and bed!!

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