July 2, 2014

Get all up in my bidness!

So typically I may say think "mind yo own business!" But not this time! This time I give you full permission to get all up in my business! Ask questions! Share comments! Whatever you'd like! Because this time...it's legit! If you're not sure what I'm talking about...

I'm talking about Rodan + Fields! I haven't "fully" shared my story so here it goes! And by the end...I'm going to tell you about why you're going to want to write your own story too!

So my next door neighbor and friend, Chelsea, has been so excited about Rodan + Fields since she became a consultant in November (I think). I had expressed my concern more about my post acne scars than current blemishes. She urged me to try R+F Unblemish, but I didn't see how anything topical (other than surgery) was going to fix these scars! I mean...they're bad, y'all!

After some time (and more encouraging from Chelsea :)) I decided to give it a try! After just 2 weeks I started noticing a huge difference! My scars were improving, and even those few break outs I would get were gone! After 1 month I was sold! We began talking more about how I could share my testimony and make this my own business!

I'm not going to lie...the investment into this company is a big one...at one point I even said I would just share my testimony with Chelsea so she could bank on it! But after many conversations with Ryan, and lots of thoughts with God I decided I couldn't pass this up! I HAD to get in on this, and share my testimony! Not only to make a little extra cash, but to share with those who may feel the way I did about their skin!

The purpose of this blog isn't to tell you all about R+F, but mainly to tell you why now is the time for you to get on my team!!! These past 2 months I have made back my investment and then some! Ryan and I are able to take 2 summer vacations this summer! Some summers we don't even know if we'll get 1! They are both in Texas, but we aren't having to worry about the extra spending money thanks to R+F! And at the same time I'm able to make others feel good in their skin!

I cannot express enough how much this product has boosted my self confidence! So here's the deal...if you have been looking for "something" to get involved in to make some extra cash this is the way to go! I can give you more info on how & why if you express interest to me!

But here's what I have to offer...are you ready for this?! So below is a picture of the CUSTOM DESIGNED business cards that my BFF made me for my new business! You guys...many of you have trusted my gut with many things/people: 1 being my BFF and her business! If I have referred you to her I'm sure you've been pleased! So trust me when I say you want some R+F and/or you want to get in on my team!

If you join my team this month (July) I will work with Kari to get you a custom designed business card, AND I will pay for 100 of them for you! AAAAAANNNNNDDDD! Kari will design and create a monogrammed hat for you with a little R+F on the side! These are 2 amazing products that will help promote your business, and I will send them to you just for joining my team!

So what do you have to lose?! If you're interested in more info please let me know! :)

This is the logo that will be on the side of the monogram hat!

You get this! For free! Just join my team!!

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