July 7, 2014

ABCs of Summer...M Day

M is for...'MERICA! Apparently that's a new slang for saying America? I'm down with it...I'll roll with it...it worked for this day! Our M day landed on the 4th of July so that was perfect! With it being Independence Day I wasn't sure how we were going to spend our day. I had planned on going to the 4th of July parade in downtown Rockwall, but it started at 11...P usually naps from about 10-1...Well at 10:30 she was still up! When RickiPaige texted me that her and Brooke wanted to go to the parade we quickly got dressed to go!

Let me just tell you the mistakes I made with this trip:
1. Skipping nap time was not a good idea. P was cranky, fussy, whiny, and would all out cry!
2. I locked my keys in the car.
3. I forgot to bring chairs...

But in the end...once the parade got started...it was fun! And thank God for placing people who I knew in the parade audience so that I could call Ryan! He wasn't home, but he was able to call Ricki so he could tell her how to find where we were sitting...and he did call her...AFTER she already found me. ;) God love him! And Husband...if you're reading this...the jogging stroller tires & my car tires need air! I love him too!

The parade was short, and Prestyn didn't get any candy...but because RickiPaige & Brooke rescued us P did get Chick Fil A for lunch!...after her nap of course! But let's talk about how they rescued us for a second...since I locked my keys in the car I had them take me & P to our house to get the spare...soooo Prestyn rode in the middle back seat (buckled in) with Brooke while I drove and Ricki was in the passenger seat. Ha! P seemed to enjoy it!

M is also for Makin' Memories with Mommy. So let me back track a second. This morning before we went to the parade I decided we would make memories with the sheet we got from the library the day before! I wanted to share these with my blog readers to give you some ideas too. :)

1. We played with blocks. Prestyn is at the stage where she prefers taking them all out, and putting them back rather than building...but as I started building I think she was getting the hang of it. :)
2. Read a wordless book with your child. This was mine & Prestyn's favorite! Soooo...we don't have a wordless book persay, but what we do have is...Groovebook! Y'all! If you don't get these you have to! It's an app. Each month you upload 100 pictures from your phone, and they're shipped to you in a book with prefforated edges for $2.99! And you know what?! Put in this coupon code: THOMAS2906 and your first one is FREE!!! So Prestyn sat in my lap as I made up a story as we looked at the pictures. It was so fun. :)
3. Make animal noises together. I forgot to include this in the "L" post, but Prestyn has learned how to roar like a lion with your paws out! And she's doing much better at snorting like a pig! haha! Proud momma!
4. Sing songs about our day. So I tried to do this all day, and remember what I made up to share with you readers...but since they were made up I've forgotten them! It was still fun!
5. Sing counting songs. We sang 1, 2, buckle my shoe. But there's another one on one of her DVD's that's a lot of fun too. That DVD is called Nursery Rhymes or something...she LOVES it!

So yeah M is for Making Memories with Mommy. Well why not make memories with my mommy too?! So since my parents are packing up to move closer to us (EEEE!!!) we went to go help! I enjoyed helping my mom, and Prestyn enjoyed hanging out with her Gee (my dad). They got to swim in the pool one last time on Steeple Chase Lane. :)

Since M is for 'MERICA let's also use this blog post to talk about how we celebrated the 4th! Since Ryan was saving lives on the 4th we celebrated on the 5th with his family! We had a fish fry, swam in Nanny's pool, and soaked up the family time!



Fried Yummy-ness

Mommy's Girl!!!

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