July 9, 2014

Dates with Husband

Husband says y'all won't care to read about this...and maybe you don't, but it means a lot to him that I blog about it! Sporadically today Ryan said, "let's go on a lunch date." This was a good idea since a meal out with just the 2 of us has been much needed! ;)

I gave him 3 options: Zanata's, Mi Cocina, or Chili's. Ryan chose Mi Cocina, and boy am I glad he did! We had yummy queso blanco with brisket! We enjoyed the lunch menu of lots of food at a small price! Until we decided that it was "Why Not Wednesday" so why not have a Mambo Taxi?!

Afterwards we decided to check out the Five Below store that's been open in Rockwall for a while. I expected it to be full of junk, but really it's not all junk! There was lots of fun stuff, and even some pratical stuff! If you haven't been yet you should go check it out. We got P the chair you see in the pictures. We thought it would be fun for her to sit in outside...I brought it in just so she could see it, and she LOVES it!!

So speaking of dates with Husband...life is not ALL about the baby. We're important too. :) Recently we had a date on the Seawolf. This is the sailboat that goes over Lake Ray Hubbard at sunset...we did this for our 1 year anniversary and again a couple weeks ago. Our plan was for Ryan's cousin to join us, but she wasn't able to so we decided to still go!

Scott, himself, (owner) captained our boat! I love going on these rides. It's really so beautiful. I love the land God has created, and the place we call HOME! We are certainly blessed. I'm thankful for my husband, and his want to continue to "date" me. :)

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