April 30, 2013

What's in a Name?

Let's start with the name of the blog...it was originally named "The All American Couple" because when Ryan and I first started dated somebody said we were like The All American Couple being a teacher & firefighter...well now our blog is not just about us, but about us and our daughter. So I'm calling us the All American Family. I always thought the All American Family was a mom, dad, son, and daughter with the son being 1st born of course. Well our daughter is our first born, but she's absolutely perfect so we can go from being the All American Couple to the All American Family. :)

Speaking of our daughter...let's talk about her name! When we first got married we decided on Preston Reece or Prestyn Reese for our first born. Whether it be a boy or girl. Ryan's middle name is Preston. He's named after his great grandfather called Poose. Ryan's mom had shared with me once that she thought about naming one of the boys or having Reece as a middle name (I can't remember which) because Reece is also a family name from her side. I think Poose's grandfather or maybe great grandfather's name was Reece Hughes. Actually the town of Hugh Springs (spelling? that doesn't look right) was named after him. Anyway...when we found out we were pregnant we decided the baby's name would be Pierce Ryan or Prestyn Reese. (We decided to change the spelling of Preston and Reece for a girl to make it "girly-er"). So when she said, "your he is a she!" We began calling her Prestyn Reese. We get mixed reactions when we tell people her name. Most people like it, but some are like, hmmmm, that's interesting. It's 2013! Sure we chose a name typically used for a boy, but at least it's not some weird name like Le-a (Le-dash-a).

There were a couple other names that we played around with such as: Oliva, Ava, Addelynn, Abigail, Peyton, Paisley...but we just knew Prestyn was the one! :)

A couple of posts ago I mentioned my mom as Nonna...and mentioned that I would explain how she got that name. When my dad says my mom's name, Diana, it sounds like Donna. So when she's being silly I've been calling her Donna. What better name for my daughter to call her silly grandma than Nonna?!

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