April 28, 2013

Letters to Prestyn

My dearest daughter,

Today was a bad off day...I promise I'll write to you after a good day so you know how great you are, but Mommy really needs to write to you today to let out some frustrations...not with you, but with herself!

Just a couple of days ago Mommy blogged about the excellent schedule we had established! You used to only sleep in your swing, carseat, moby wrap, or bouncer...now those things (except the moby wrap) just excite you! Which is good! We want you to observe the world around you...but we were worried if we could ever just get you to sleep on our own!

Mommy got smart and thought she could help you sleep by swaying you & bouncing you like those machines do! And it worked! Which is a good thing because when you're sleepy, and we're out...it's good to know that these are the things that will help you sleep!

Getting you to sleep has been the hardest part of your schedule for Mommy. Eating...we got that down! Playing...going pretty good--just trying to keep you entertained with a variety of activies. Sleeping...we're getting there and were doing pretty good. Until today... :(

Why fix it if it ain't broke, right? Well because Mommy stresses about doing everything right for you! Currently you sleep in a rock 'n' play which is like a hammock. Who doesn't like to sleep in a hammock?! You're so comfy in there, and sleep so good in it!

The problem is your crib isn't a hammock. And eventually you're going to outgrow the rock 'n' play, and need to sleep in your crib. I don't know why, but Mommy thought it was a good idea to try to transition you to your bassinet today. Your bassinet is flat like your crib so Mommy thought she'd start with your naps today. You maybe slept an hour total for your naps today. You were very tired and frustrated...which made mommy tired and frustrated...we both cried...a lot!

Mommy is sorry my sweet girl. Tomorrow will be a better day, and we'll just stick with what we know! You're a baby so we should take baby steps to changes for you...

I love you,

1 comment:

  1. Shake the rattle, not the baby! Haha!
    If she sleeps good in something, let her, that's why you have it! ;)

    When she "outgrows" it, she will be uncomfortable and THEN you can try something else. Heck, if her feet hang out the end and she is too big, but still wants to sleep in it, let her sleep! :)

    Am I even supposed to comment on these posts, you know, since it is TO PRESTYN. Mind my own business?? lol