April 21, 2013

Prestyn's 1st Week

Since I had a c-section I had to stay at least 3 nights, but insurance pays for 4...so we stayed 4! Not including the night we spent in the hospital before Prestyn was born...staying at Dallas Presby was more like a mini-vacay, and we were there 5 nights! Sure there was some pain meds, but there was room service & we left home with a souvenir so it really was like a mini-vacay!

We were thankful to have many visitors during Prestyn's first days. Her very first visitor was Missy Pooh! And she brought Tiff's Treats...yum! I had been craving Whataburger so when Prestyn's Grammies, Steve, and Nanny came to visit they brought me just what the doctor ordered!...Literally...the doctor said whoever brought me what I wanted could hold the baby so they did just that!

Prestyn had her first bath given by the nurse while I watched...I was still in some pain so I tried sitting on the edge of my bed to watch. :) Prestyn also got to get dressed in the gown and hat I ordered for her before she was here. You might notice an old Care Bears blanket in some of the early pictures...this was one of my receiving blankets...we wrapped Prestyn up in it so her Nonna & Papa could take it to Puppy. :)

I won't go through all the visitors we had, but we were truly thankful for all of them! And the gifts they brought!! My goodness! I had no idea Little Miss Priss could be EVEN more spoiled than she was before she arrived. Boy was I wrong! She got tons of stuff! And Mommy & Daddy did too! That was nice! I sure am glad we upgraded to the Delux Suite so our guests could have room to sit and visit.

Day by day went on in the hospital, and each day I felt like maybe I knew what I was doing. Prestyn came out nursing and latching on like a pro! With awesome nurses and Lactation Consultant she was doing well! She was still losing some weight (which is normal) but never lost more than 9% so there was no concern!

Everything says not to give babies a paci until breastfeeding is well established...well...by day 4 I couldn't take it anymore! And neither could Prestyn! haha! So once we got her in the carseat to go home...she got a paci! And the drive home was a quiet one. :)

The days in the hospital and the first couple of days home are kind of a blur...we had wonderful friends bring us dinner that first week which really helped out!

We tried to do Prestyn's newborn pictures this first week...she was not cooperating...go figure! The child who came a week late then had to be delivered via c-section wouldn't cooperate for newborn pictures...no surprise! We still love her! We did get some family pictures though...even though I was still swollen & puffy :( I hope they turned out ok! Our photographer was gracious enough to reschedule to next week...which takes us into week 2 :)


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  1. I'm SO glad that she got the hang of nursing down so easily! Yay Prestyn! :)

    P.S. I'm commenting here instead of Facebook because I know how frustrating it is when you post on Facebook to let people know that you posted, and you can see that everyone is reading, but no one will post on the actual blog! They just get lazy and post on Facebook! Grrr..:)