April 26, 2013

New Beginnings

There have been several instances where I've wanted to post, but then I realized I would need an explanation for those posts...I wasn't quite ready to explain so I didn't post...but now I am!

Those posts would have been something like this:

"Leaving Baby with Daddy for the 1st time! Fingers crossed she takes the bottle ok!"
"Thank you Mom & Dad for the gorgeous flowers!!! What a nice surprise!!"
"Nonna babysitting Prestyn tonight...let's hope she follows all my directions! ;)"

There was a reason for all of those things...here's the explanation :)

1. Last Thursday I got an email from the principal of the new RISD school that's being built in our neighborhood! As hard as it was for me to put in for a transfer and leave my current school I knew this would be best for my family. I knew a lot of people were wanting to move to the new school so I thought if I don't get it this year...no biggie...I'm happy where I am. Well the email was very uplifting! The principal was asking me to come in that Saturday for an interview! I was super excited! But this meant...I would need to leave Prestyn with Husband to go on the interview...which meant I would need to get a bottle ready! So for the first time...I left Prestyn...Ryan gave her a bottle...and she did great! Oh! and...I was offered a 2nd grade position at the new school on the spot! I gladly accepted!!!

photo.JPG2. I got a call from the Flower Shop saying they had a delivery for me, and asking what a good time would be to bring them by. I thought oooo Husband is sending me flowers for being such a good mommy! It was a lovely surprise to have flowers from my mom & dad congratulating me on my new job!!

3. The parents and new "famil-ty" of the new school were invited to join together for an oppotunity to meet each other, and start the feel of the new school off right! Well...Ryan had to work this evening so Nonna to the rescue! (I'll later make a post on "What's in a Name?" and explain the name!) Yes I'm a first time mom. Yes I had my mom watch a video on how to feed a bottle to a breastfed baby (Ryan did too! So did Dad!) Yes I left written directions for my mom. And yes...I got a little anxiety leaving her...but all went well! I came home...baby was fed & asleep! Success!!

So the title...New Beginnings....in the past week it's been New Beginnings for all of us! Prestyn had her first bottle. Ryan was left alone with her for the first time. And my mom got to babysit! And the big one...I got a new job!!

With me teaching at the school in our neighborhood not only will our daughter get to go to school with Mommy, but she'll also be at a school with her neighborhood friends! This is such an awesome opportunity! I'm so thankful to my principal who gave me a good recommendation...and to my new principal for opening a new door for my personal and professional growth! I can't wait to see what the future brings!


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