April 26, 2013


After a long 2 days (Husband has been working both days...1st time I'm alone for 2 days!) this is more of me just organizing my thoughts on Prestyn's schedule...but hey! That's what a blog is for, right? It's up to you all whether you read it or not, and whether you find it interesting or not...BTW that's whether...not weather like storms in the sky...I see lots of people do this #annoying

Anyway! When we announced that I was pregnant to our Life Group one very wise mom gave me the advice to read Baby Wise! She swore by it! And so did my next door neighbor...I thought ok! I need to get this book. So a friend of mine who read it, and wasn't a fan of it passed it down to me. I began to read it & thought nope! this isn't for me! When I "interviewed" the pediatrician I asked her about sleep schedules...she said she wasn't a fan of Baby Wise. I thought ok! me either!

But then...once the little bambino came I (being the type A controlling type) needed some kind of routine! A friend of mine who has successfully raised 3 kids referred to Baby Wise. So I thought...maybe I can make this work? She really talked me through the beginnings of it, and I'm sure I'm not done blowing up her phone asking for tips but I have begun reading the book AGAIN. And I see that I am not doing such a bad job at following this so far. I started feeling stressed over the rigidness of the schedule so I'm taking baby steps.

The principle of Baby Wise (or so I think...) is a eat, play, sleep schedule...so for my sanity...here's how our days go :)

7:30 AM feed

8 AM Baby plays in crib (still swaddled) while Mommy pumps

8:15 AM Get Baby dressed for the day (diaper, baby powder in hair, baby massage with lotion, outfit, bow)

8:30 AM Tummy Time in Baby's room on the lamb play mat

8:35 AM Baby plays/falls asleep in swing while Mommy has breakfast and picks up. If Baby doesn't fall asleep in the swing by the time Mommy finishes breakfast Mommy swaddles Baby & lays her down for a nap. (Baby is still sleeping in the rock 'n' play in Mommy & Daddy's room...baby steps!) Baby must be swaddled for nap with a paci & noise maker on high!

::Side Note:: Baby used to be the boss...she doesn't like her arms swaddled...she likes them up by her face...well you know what?! Baby doesn't sleep as well with arms not swaddled so we swaddle them now! Mommy is the boss now!

*While Baby is sleeping Mommy gets ready for the day*

10 AM feed

10:30 AM This is a good time to go run errands. Baby enjoys looking out the window as we drive or seeing somebody new. ::Note to Self:: Always have Moby Wrap because if it's time for Baby to go to sleep while we're out putting her in here will put her to sleep!

12:30 PM feed

1:00 PM If we're not still out running errands or having lunch then we play with Baby at home...this may be a walk, read her a story, play in her jungle gym, play on her piano mat, sing songs & play with Baby

1:30 PM Put Baby down for a nap

*While Baby is sleeping Mommy might have lunch or do things around the house...such as blog!*

3:00 PM feed

3:30 PM Play one of the activities listed on the 1:00 play time...or let Baby swing so Mommy can get stuff done around the house! :)

4:00 PM Put Baby down for nap...Mommy has figured out that Baby likes it when she sings to her while swinging her in her arms or bouncing her until she's drowsy and can be laid down.

5:30 PM feed

6:00 PM More play time with Baby! Last one of the day so make it count!

6:30 PM Last nap of the day for Baby! Once the clocks fall back & it is dark at this time this will be Baby's bed time! Which will be good too since Baby will have to wake up earlier once I go back to work! :)

7:30 PM feed

8:00 PM Baby's bath time & gets ready for bed by getting in pjs with a hat & being swaddled!

8:30 PM Baby goes down for the night!

::Side Note:: If Husband is working Baby's awake time is longer after she gets ready for bed...as she hangs out in the bouncer while Mommy takes a bath or shower.

Baby will wake up about 2-3 times during the night to eat while sleeping. Strictly business! Diaper change, feed, back to bed!

I realize how meaningless this probably is to my readers, but it's my blog so don't read it if you don't want to! ;) I just needed to outline the day in writing for my sanity! As soon as I figure it all out I know something will change, but that's ok! Having a good foundation is a good start! Also, Baby is EBF, if she needs to eat before it's time...I feed her! This schedule is just a guideline for me...and it seems to be working well for Baby too!

Next Step:: Transition Baby from Rock 'n' Play to Bassinet...


  1. Best line ever.."Mommy is the boss now!" Haha! Love it! Keep your schedule..it's always great to look back and see what she was doing/give to the grandparents/babysitters, send to another new mom, etc. You're doing GREAT! :)

  2. I love looking at your schedule. We are starting to get serious with our schedule starting Monday!!! We are pretty Babywise already with eating, but need to work on our wake time!