April 23, 2013

Prestyn's 1st Easter

After Prestyn turned 1 week old she got to celebrate her 1st Easter. Since the Easter Holiday begins on Good Friday Prestyn began celebrating then by wearing her "This Bunny Loves Karats" onesie! :) Prestyn's Pap Pap got to come over with Uncle Danny & Aunt Kathy, and they all met her for the first time! She was a good baby & slept most of the time...

The Saturday before Easter Prestyn's Great Aunt Denise & cousins Alex & Danielle came to visit. They brought Prestyn a sweet Easter basket with adorable clothes! Prestyn's Nonna & her cousins Jake & Jared also came to visit, and also brought an Easter bucket for Prestyn. It had a little bow in it that she wore on Easter Sunday! I'll never forget Jake holding Prestyn, and saying her eyes are blue like the ocean. He is so sweet! They just love their new baby cousin. We had a good visit with everybody...baby girl was ready to eat once they all left!

If Prestyn was born on time or earlier we probably would have braved going to church on Easter Sunday, but since she was late & only 10 days old on Easter we decided to stay home...Ryan's family brought Easter to us!

Prestyn's Uncle Justin & Katie were here along with Prestyn's Grammies, Nanny, & Steve. It was wonderful! They brought EVERYTHING! I didn't have to do a thing! We had a great meal & a good time visiting! And of course Prestyn was spoiled with presents from Uncle Justin & Easter goodies from Grammies & Nanny! Prestyn LOVES the jammies & sleep hats her Nanny got her. :)

And we got our first family picture! The purple dress Prestyn wore first is one made by her Nonna. So sweet! Ryan's Godparents, Uncle Danny & Aunt Kathy, also got Prestyn an Easter dress so being the diva she is she did a wardrobe change!

I can't wait until next year when she can hunt Easter eggs! :)

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