April 30, 2012

New Glass Door!!

My friend Amanda noticed our new glass door in my Garden Day pic. I forgot to mention it!!

I guess because it wasn't completely finished. In a sense. When we ordered the door we picked out the one we wanted: white with brushed nickel. The door guy at Lowe's put in white with brass! Yuck!

The installer came when I was at school and Ryan was at home. Ry texted me and said: did you want brass? No!

The installer guy was very kind and completely understood! He came today and changed it to brushed nickel! (I wonder if he needs the old keys back?!)

We love it!! It let's in so much light!! And it's the kind where you can pull down the top and there's a screen.

Puppy loves it too! Next, I need to get an entry rug for puppy to lay on while he looks out the door and protects us!

I'm thinking I need to take my homemade wreath off the door. :( BUT my new thought is to hang in on the wall above our bench. That way you can see it better from the street. :)

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