April 26, 2012

It's Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies...

...it's compromise that moves us along...

I like to blog about the happy times in our lives: date nights, fun weekends, random ideas...

But I do have to say...not that we're not always happy, but we do miss each other a lot!

I'm often asked, "how do you do it?! Being away from your husband for 24 hours every 3rd night. " I often reply with, "how do you do it?! Being home with your husband every 24 hours!" haha!

I have to admit. It's hard at times. We or I get lonely. But it's all we know. When Ryan is off for 1 shift he's home for 5 days! That's a lot of days together when we're used to a day apart every 3rd day.

I guess it makes us value our time together a lot more. Maybe that's why it's easier for us to do date nights? Because we long for that time together.

It can be conflicting at times. For instance, the other night my sweet husband grocery shopped and cooked dinner for us. (a plus to having your husband home while you're at work!) as we were finishing up I asked, "so what are we doing next??!!"

He was ready to relax! I was ready to play a board game or the wii! This is where compromise comes in. Since I relax when he's at work I'm ready to have fun when he's off! Soooo we relax one of the days he's off and do something fun on another day!

This weeks plan: Concerts on the Lake on Thursday & dinner at home tomorrow night. Maybe laundry too! Woooo!!


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