April 26, 2012

Date Night

I'm a little...ok...a lot behind on blogging. I love blogging when I do, but sometimes life gets in the way! ;) We have been SO busy lately! And when we're not busy I'm super tired! Anyway...I've been wanting to blog about our last Date Night that was from a Recipe Card from our church.

I have to admit...we've had Date Nights since this one, but we haven't done any using the recipe cards. We need to get back on that!

This last one was a fun one though...it was a Progressive Dinner...the recipe card said to pick 3 places to have an appetizer or salad, dinner, and dessert. There were questions for each place.

We thought it would be easiest to go to 3 places at the Harbor since we can just walk from one place to another. We decided to go to Dodies for our appetizer. We had stuffed mushrooms...YUM!

It has been so long since that date that I don't really remember what the questions were. :( I know...bad blogger! Aaaaaand we left the Date Night Recipe Card at our main course place!

We went to Gloria's for our main course. Ryan had quesedillas and I had soup. We're not used to eating before Gloria's chips, salsa, and bean dip that we got full quick! So full that we decided not to go to our dessert place which was Coldstone Creamery. We made up for that though by taking my little cousins when they came to visit. (I'll blog about that next!)

The day of this date night was not an easy one...we actually considered cancelling it, but thought it'd be best to stay busy. I won't get into why this day was so tough. More particularly for Ryan, but I just wanted to know all I could to be there for him. Our conversations were emotional, but I think it's those kind that bring us closer together.

The Sunday after this date that I served in the HomePointe Center a member was showing his visiting parents our church. He brought them into the Center, and I gave them a brief description of what we're all about. :) I suggested the Date Night Recipe Cards to them, and explained how they have questions on them that you don't normal talk about. Even though they had been married 40 years I don't think it hurts!

Hopefully we'll get back on with the Date Night Recipe Cards & I'll keep you updated!


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