April 28, 2012

Rockwall Relay for Life

I've been looking forward to this for a long time, but it really kind of snuck up on me with how busy our schedules have been!

Last year I was a true, dedicated trooper, and stayed until 6 AM!! This year...yeah, not so much. My allergies have been TERRIBLE so I only planned to stay until 10 or so, but made it until MIDNIGHT!! Wooo Hooo!!!

My school creates a team for Relay for Life. It's really fun to all be together at an event outside of school. We have an awesome leader who has great ideas for us to raise money for our team! Last year we sold dress down coupons to the teachers who donated...if you're a teacher you know how valuable a "Jeans Day" is!

This year we did Coins for Cancer in our classroom. It was fun to involve the kids. They were bringing in their piggy banks, and taking change from their mom's purses to give to cancer! ;) The winning class gets a sno-cone party! We have a staff member who runs a sno-cone stand in the summer so this is a perfect reward for us to use! And the kids love it! My class didn't win at this competition, but I have a very kind parent who appreciates the hard work the kids did...and she's still going to pay for a sno-cone party for us. The kids don't know this...I'm still making them work for it with good behavior! ;)

Our theme this year was: Star Light, Star Bright, Wishing for a Cure Tonight...we had glow in dark bracelets that we sold for $1 to staff and students to also help raise funds. We also sold luminaries for $5 that people could decorate for family members in honor or memory of. This was something Ryan and I did in memory of my Uncle Trevor and his Paw-Paw.

I unfortunately never got to meet Paw-Paw, but from what I hear he was a great guy! And to be married to Nanni...he must have been! ;) She's a sweet lady & deserves the best! I wasn't sure how to spell Paw-Paw when I made it so it says PaPa...oh well, he knows it was for him! ;)

Ryan was volunteering for Fate Fire so he was unable to make it. :( Super sad! Oh well...maybe next year! I had a blast with my teacher friends though!

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