April 26, 2012

Schedule it!

One thing we hear from people a lot about our date nights is: "Just wait until you have kids!" I don't expect our lives to be just the same when we have kids. But I do expect us to still have our date nights. I know they won't be a weekly thing once there's a newborn (this is not a secret message...we are not preggers!). But I do think as long as we schedule it--it will happen! Build it--they will come, right?!

My nights get lonely with Husband gone every 3rd night, and so I don't get all sad and sorry for myself I try to stay busy! Blogging is one way to stay busy, but a girl also loves the company of her girlfriends! My friend Meghan's husband has school twice a week in the evenings so her and I try to get together on those nights if Ryan is working. She told me how impressed she was that we actually scheduled our time together and followed through with it! So many friends (I'm guilty of this too) say, "Yeah! We totally have to get together!" But then we never do...but if you actually schedule it then it will most likely happen!

I understand things happen and life gets in the way, but the whole point is to actually schedule your dates so they actually happen. This kind of goes with a previous post I wrote about inviting your spouse to date night in a creative way...

One thing I like to do (with Ryan or my friends) is to schedule our next date/outing at the end of the one we're on! That way we know it'll happen! And if anything gets in the way...it's easier to reschedule than not schedule at all...

If Nadalee, Krystal, or Leslie are reading this you probably think I'm a total hypocrite! haha! I do need to see all of you ladies!!


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