April 28, 2012

Garden Day!!

We were so ready for a day to do NOTHING! And NOTHING to us means not having to be anywhere or do anything, but just be home! We thought this would be the perfect day to plant and do stuff around the house. That is SOMETHING, but we're together & at home so it's PERFECT!!

I bought a flat of White Begonias from the Stingerettes. I thought they'd be perfect to go in the flower bed we have in the front. A while back Ryan planted some Amaryllis bulbs in the bed of one of our trees. We have another tree with a flower bed on the side of the house that I wanted to plant more Amaryllis. Ryan ordered more bulbs from Lowe's last night, and they had them ready for us this morning!

So after sleeping in (since I didn't go to bed until 1 AM)...coming up on 28 people!!..we had breakfast then headed to Lowe's to get all we needed for Garden Day!! This was of course our first trip to Lowe's today...I still consider us new homeowners who are always wanting to improve our home!

If you look closely you can see the flowery garden tools...no, Ryan was not using those...that's proof that I was helping! Not just taking pictures!! The garden tools came from one of my wedding showers hosted by Sharon & Sherri. You can read more about the tools on Life Size House Wife here.

Puppy wanted to be outside with us so we tied him up to the bench while we planted. :) We quickly realized that 1 flat of Begonias wasn't going to be enough so we worked with what we had then made another trip up there! We decided to get red this time to kind of mixed it up. :) ...along with 2 shepherd's hooks & 2 hanging plants. I'm hoping for a bird bath our next trip!!

After the owgergies (as my kids call allergies) took over, and the planting was done...I took a Benny, a shower, and napped! My sweet husband woke me up ready to go to dinner!
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Our evening ended with a nice dinner at our favorite loco (inside joke) restaurant, Cayote Rojo. When we got back I told Ryan to let me in the front door so I could see our new flowers. :) I love it...and our home!!

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