January 26, 2014

Prestyn's 10th Month

Whoa! That feels so weird to write! I can't believe we're in the double digit months! :( Here's what P has been up to the past month!

She sleeps at least (most of the time) 7 hours before waking to nurse. She nurses then goes right back to sleep until I wake her in the morning...if it was up to her she would sleep in every day! Which is fine with me since she sleeps in on the weekends. :) It's nice when Ryan's home, and P can sleep in. :)

She is such a happy baby! She wakes up happy! We know she's ready to get up when she starts talking & laughing in her crib. It's so sweet to walk in to get her & she smiles & claps! Prestyn also claps when we pick her up from Mrs. Amber's house...so sweet!

Prestyn is now eating pretty much anything we eat! She likes: waffles, yogurt, blueberries, bananas, peaches, peas, cheese, green beans, and tuna with ranch! We're working on: eggs, pears, spinach, pasta dishes, chicken, and sweet potatoes. It's weird because she liked all these things in baby food jars...

Prestyn still takes a morning & afternoon nap when she's home with us. She's so busy at Mrs. Amber's house that she just takes an afternoon nap, but it usually last 3 hours! She really only takes her paci when she's sleeping. Sometimes we give it to her if she's in an unfamiliar place or with unfamiliar people. It's her comfort piece. We're working on getting her to attach to something else. We got her a stuffed giraffe when we went to Jefferson, and she loves it!

She pretty much walks everywhere now! She still crawls, but prefers to walk! She'll start off walking, but if she loses her balance & falls she just continues going where she wants to go by crawling! Prestyn enjoys going for walks & swinging! She also likes going bye bye & will wave bye bye & hi to people! I'm pretty sure she says bye bye now. I think she says papa too as well as dada & momma.

Prestyn still loves bath time! She loves reading in the bath, and playing with bubbles! We usually let her sit in the bath tub as long as she likes...until she starts standing in the tub! Then it's time to get out! We started brushing her teeth every night too. She loves it! The toothpaste tastes like fruit so I think that's why, but she loves it!

I'm sure there's so much more I could write, but P is napping now with 4 top teeth trying to make their way through. :( I doubt she'll be napping for long since she's in so much pain! Thankfully she was quite happy during our photo session on the 21st when she turned 10 months old! You can see 1 of her top teeth coming in in one of the pics. :)

We are so in love with our sweet girl, and can't believe how big she's getting! OMG how could I forget! That's something else...when we ask her to show us how big she is she raises her hands up high! She also hides when we tell her too....with anything she can find! Then plays peek-a-boo! So much fun! She is also working on blowing kisses! She makes the mmmm sound & puts her hand somewhere on her face...sometimes it makes it on her mouth! Oh! And Prestyn also does lots of mimicing now! It's cute. She has always mimiced a lot, but now she does it & laughs...she coughs when she hears others coughing, she sighs, and even tries to make the sound I make when I'm scratching my throat! ;)

Cheers! XOXO

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